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Colorado Mass Shooting in Movie Theater Showing "Dark Knight Rises"

A Tragedy occurred on Friday July 20, 2012.

A gunman dressed in riot gear went into the midnight showing of the "Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora, Colorado and started shooting up the place.

The gunman, James Holmes, 24, was armed with a rifle, shotgun, and two handguns.

Holmes went into the theatre about 30 minutes into the movie; he set off a smoke bomb and then began shooting people randomly.

He was arrested shortly after in the parking lot and when he was arrested he had on a bullet proof vest, a riot helmet, and a gas mask. Holmes mentioned having explosives in his apartment which lead the police to evacuate the apartment complex.

As a result, 14 people died and over 50 people were injured.

Police are investigating as to what led Holmes to do such a thing.

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