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The Crime of Disorderly Conduct

The crime of disorderly conduct is not one specific thing but covers several activities that are considered disorderly conduct under California law.

Our Attorneys do not want anyone to be a victim of police annoyance; meaning, you may have been charged with disorderly conduct simply because an officer was annoyed. This is unacceptable.

Although the crime is charged as a misdemeanor, it still creates a criminal record and can result in county jail, some fines, and even community service.

The crime of disorderly conduct is mentioned in California Penal code section 647 and is often referred to as an "all inclusive" misdemeanor crime because it applies to so many different activities.

For example, loitering around a private property with no purpose or even loitering near restrooms to solicit sexual lewd acts can be charged as disorderly conduct. Using electronics to be a peeping Tom, being drunk in public, squatting, engaging in prostitution can be charged as disorderly conduct as well.

Evidently, the crime includes totally unrelated activities and that is why if you are facing disorderly conduct charges, our lawyers will make sure that your not facing bogus charges, We will investigate, research, and ask questions until we get to the bottom of it all.

Call the firm and set up a free consultation so that we can sit down with you and get your side of the story.

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