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Our law firm has handled thousands of criminal matters occurring in the San Fernando Valley over the years. If you are facing a crime in Glendale or anywhere else in the San Fernando Valley, please contact us immediately and you can schedule a free face to face consultation with me...Ron Hedding...and we will begin the process of resolving your criminal matter. My credentials are unmatched and I am well known in the local courts throughout the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County.

In Glendale, criminal offenses such as theft crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, juvenile crimes, and white collar crimes are all prosecuted to the fullest extent by California District Attorneys.

The Firm has handled countless criminal cases for clients in Glendale. Our criminal defense attorneys understand the many complications our clients face after they have been charged with a crime. We do whatever we can for our clients to get the best possible results.

Serving all courts in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles areas.

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