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When it comes to drug conspiracy cases, the government is not messing around. The way that a conspiracy works is that two or more people get together for one common objective. In the drug trade that objective is to move large amounts of drugs and make as much money as possible. The authorities know that drug dealers will arm themselves with guns and protect their property with deadly force. The more drugs involved in a case, the more time a person will be facing. And, if a gun is involved, then there are extra years in prison that will be tacked onto the back of their sentence.

Typically in a conspiracy situation each member of a group has a specific job. The leader or organizer of the group sets up the deals and makes sure there is a large supply of drugs and money. Other members of the group will move the product from one point to another and arrange the collection of the money and the transport of the drugs. While other lower level people will act as "mules driving the drugs to the buyer for a very small fee. Each member of the conspiracy that understands and knows about its objective will be responsible for everything equally with everyone else, even if they do not reap all of the rewards.

Usually I see conspiracy charges at the federal level involving large organizations that are making thousands of dollars distributing drugs all over the United States. The prosecutors and judges are on a crusade to stomp out these destructive drugs and will not blink at handing out massive sentences to the person who are most involved in the drug trade and making thousands of dollars at the expense of others. If you are charged with a serious drug charge then you need a serious attorney who has traveled the path you are about to take and had success.


Conspiracy, which is often charged in federal court, is a very serious crime and requires the assistance of an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney. The law on a conspiracy charge is aimed at eradicating groups of people who are involved in the distribution of drugs because a group can be much more dangerous and destructive to society than someone operating alone.

The crime of conspiracy is an agreement of two or more people to commit a crime.

For example, drug conspiracy would be the agreement of two or more people to make, sell, and/or distribute drugs.

It is a separate offense from the initial illegal act and is committed at the point of agreement and some blatant act towards commission of the crime.

It is possible that a person may have only played a small part and still be liable of being convicted on the drug conspiracy charge, so long as he or she had the intent to and agreed to commit the alleged crime.

A drug conspiracy charge can result in huge fines and long term prison time and fortunately our Van Nuys Drug Conspiracy Lawyers have handled such cases in the past and we have the necessary knowledge and skill to effectively help you.

There are ways the prosecutor will try to nail you for crimes you may not even be guilty of committing; but the mere fact that you were part of the agreement gives the prosecutor more ammunition to work with. Either way, we will step in and intervene on your behalf providing the court with any and all applicable defenses applicable.

Conspiracy in itself is very serious and can result in a significant amount of time in prison, but to be found guilty of the conspiracy and the completed crime is way more serious and carries harsher penalties.

As to drug conspiracy, there are different levels of involvement. There can be conspiracy to distribute; conspiracy to possess; conspiracy to sell. In any case, each different level has different penalties; one more than the other.

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