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I see this charged filed all the time by law enforcement after they have used physical force against a person in the performance of their duties. In today's day and age, the police must justify everything they do, especially if they use force against a person while they are doing their job. Thus, in justifying physically dealing with a person, they will make it the other person's fault and arrest them for the crime of obstructing justice. Many times the person actually was interfering with the police and deserves to be charged with this crime.

On the other hand, I have seen the police act like jerks and improperly try and bully someone or over step their authority and then turn it around on the person who got in their way. In these circumstances, it is my job to show the prosecutor that the police acted wrong and are trying to cover up their actions. There are a number of effective ways to do this and it helps that the prosecutors are not stupid and know the police are prone to improperly use this charge to get away with their wrongful acts. Fortunately when the police act improperly, they leave behind clues that point to a problem and it is up to the defense to catch these clues and use them to their client's advantage.


Any conduct or action that hinders or prevents authorities from carrying out their duties such as administration of courts, law enforcement actions, judicial process, is referred to as the crime of obstruction of justice. The problem with this description of the law is that it is subject to manipulation by law enforcement. In other words, if someone says something they do not like or gets in their way, I have seen them abuse this charge to justify acting inappropriately towards a person.

A few examples of obstruction of justice is resisting arrest, lying as a witness, bribing a witness, jury, lawyer, or judge, threatening a witness, jury, lawyer, or judge, hiding or falsifying evidence. I have seen people who are at their home having a party, man handled by the police because they do not move fast enough when they get there and tell them to be quiet and cooperate. If the police have improperly treated you, it is time to get a professional on your side and start to move things in the right direction!

Obstruction of Justice Charges and Penalties

Obstruction of justice can be filed as a misdemeanor or felony depending on the actions and how severe they were. For example, if a significant amount of violence was involved, then the charge will likely be a felony. There are other more serious charges that can be filed against you in conjunction with Obstruction of Justice charges, like resisting arrest, battery, assault and a myriad of other charges that fit the circumstance the police claim they were faced with.

The crime can cost you up to a year in jail, not to mention excessive fines, community service, probation, and a criminal record. The prosecutors like to do everything they can to protect the police and punish those who do not obey them and who they see as a danger to them community. It is up to your criminal defense attorney to fight and should that the police where not performing their duties at the time of you arrest, that they were over reaching, out of line and you did not obstruct justice, but instead where acting within your rights.

As your Los Angeles Criminal Attorney we aim to prevent these penalties from being imposed upon your life. We understand and know that often times your conduct may have been misunderstood and perhaps you were simply exercising your right to free speech. Whatever the case may be, our Lawyers will build a strong defense on your behalf to prevent the prosecution from proving the elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

Depending on what was hindered and what process was interfered with, the crime of obstruction of justice can be charged in state or federal court and the Hedding Law Firm Attorneys are experienced and licensed to practice in both courts. Call us and set up a free initial case evaluation and we will begin our intervention immediately.

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