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When you are talking about a buglary case, from experience, I know that the prosecutors take these case very seriously. In general, a burglary case usually means that the perpetrator is messing around with another person's personal property. This really angers prosecutors because they can relate to these victims who are losing their property. When prosecutors get personal related to a criminal case, I find that the are much more harsh and difficult to deal with. I have prosecutors telling me all the time that they do not understand why my client took the victim's property and emphasizing that they must be punished to the full extent of the law.

The way to combat this mentality is to either have a defense to the case that will cause you to be found not guilty or figure out what the other side needs so the prosecutor and judge will consider giving you a break! If there is an angle to win the case, then we will sit down and build a trial plan and put the pieces in place to win the case. If on the other hand, the police and prosecutors have the goods on you, as it relates to a burglary case, then we will speak to the prosecutor about what it will take to keep you out of prison and what they require to resolve this case in such a way that you can live with the end result.

These negotiates can be tricky, but if they are approached with the right mentality and the experience of dealing with the particular prosecutors, then we will be in the best position possible.


I here a lot of people coming up to me and saying that their home was robbed. In order for a crime to constitute a robbery, the assailant must use force or fear in taking away your property. Or they must use some sort of force or fear during their escape after taking your property. So if you are not present when the property is taken, then it is not a robbery case.

If someone breaks into your home and takes your property while you are away, then this would be considered a burglary, not a robbery. Burglary typically has to do with a person's home being broken into and the burgalar does not confront anyone in the home, then this is a clear burglary and not a robbery. If someone breaks into your home and ties you up and takes your property, then this would be a home invasion robbery. The last scenario has to do with someone breaking into another's home and taking their property while the person is there, but there is not confrontation between the burglars and the homeowner. This sitution is a burglary with a person present and considered a violent felony and treated more harshly by the prosecutors and judge than a regular burglary.


Burglary is considered a theft crime and to be convicted of the crime of burglary the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you actually entered into a structure with the intent to commit a theft within. People do not realize that the entry can be made by simply breaking a window and putting your hand inside a home. Even if you do not make it all the way into the home, this would be good enough for a burglary charge. On the other hand, if you are not entering someone's home to actually commit a crime, then they prosecutors will not be able to convict you of burglary.


Residential burglary applies to homes and structures used for dwelling purposes. This is the most serious burglary type case. As most people know that a person's home is their castle and the prosecutors and judge will usually send a person to prison who violates the sanctity of another person's home. The only way to get around a prison sentence is for you criminal defense attorney to convince the prosecutors that their are usually circumstances surrounding your particular case. This usually requires a showing that the normal dangerous scenario, where someone could get killed in their own home, does not apply in this particular case.

A second degree burglary charge typically has to do with someone breaking into another person's car of a commericial store.

A person can be charged with commercial burglary when they walk into a store with the specific intent to steal. Typically, commercial burglaries will be charged as misdemeanors when the value of the property taken is less than $400.00 (petty theft) and if the value is over $400.00 the burglaries will be charged as felonies (grand theft).

We are well experienced in handling theft crimes and have a combined 75 years of experience under our belt.

Our Attorneys are very dedicated to our clients and we do whatever we can to het our clients the best possible results.

If you or someone you know has been charged with burglary, contact a skilled and experienced lawyer to argue and fight your case for you.

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