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Usually where I see the crime of embezzlement is when someone, who is in a position of trust, at a job takes the owner's owner's property in some sort of sophisticated manner. When a person is trusted by their employer to take care of the owner's money and they steal, the judge and prosecutor take this type of betrayal as a serious crime and they will be looking to severely punish the offender.

One of the strategies that I use to swing the case in favor of my client, is to make some sort of a plan to get the person back their money. Since I know that one of the prosecutor's chief concerns in an embezzlement case is to make the victim whole, this is one of the things I zero in on with the client and the prosecutor. I have worked out some amazing deals for my client's that have literally saved their future, because we had the ability to pay the victim back and I was able to convince the prosecutor to give the client a break.


A case will be filed as embezzlement if the person involved is an employee of a company or business and they take funds from the company that are not their's and that they are not entitled to take. Over the course of the past 25 years, I have seen all kinds of inventive ways that employees steal from their employers. In my experience, the more sophisticated and inventive the person is, the more the judge and prosecutor want to punish them in a harsh manner. People who is sophisticated in a bad way typically scare proecutors and judges and they are looking to put restrictions on them that stop them from hurting society. It is my job as a defense attorney to convince the prosecutors that my client is not a danger and will not do it again. This is where we must get together and figure out what we can do to change their opinion of you and protect your interests from the want to get you.


The first piece of the puzzle you will need to start to defendant an embezzlement case in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley is to find an attorney who is local to the court your case is pending. In other words, your attorney must have connections and experience in dealing with the players in the courthouse where your case is pending. This will assist you in achieving the best result. If the attorney knows the judge and prosecutor in your case, they will know what must be done for your particular case from the beginning and then can execute a plan that will actually make a difference for you and your case. Just tell you to do different things without any basis for the actions is a waste of time.

When I sit down to discuss how to deal with an embezzlement case, I want to know about my client and their life and what they can bring to the table to assist me with the resolution of the case. Is it a case where we can pay the money back and make the alleged victim whole or is it a case where we will have to make payments on the restitution? But first I want to know who were are dealing with on the other side, so we can tailor our actions in such a way that they will actually make a difference. In other words, we need the road map first before we set out on the journey, Will the prosecutor be impressed with character letters or are they more interested in why the client did what they did. Will they be interested in what the defendant will be doing moving forward or are they more interested in a punishment that specifically addresses what the client did in the case.

The above issues are ones I deal with everyday. Trying to figure out the answers to these questions is crucial to the resolution of your case. It takes time and experience to deal with criminal defense cases and to figure out what will make a difference in a given case.

Embezzlement is a serious crime taken very seriously by the government. Embezzlement may be charged in state or federal court and our Van Nuys Attorneys are experienced in handling cases in both courts,

Embezzlement is the fraudulent appropriation of property by a person to whom the property has been entrusted.

With this crime, there are long trails of evidence and investigations that lead to a defendant. Our Lawyers in Van Nuys are aware of the complexity of embezzlement cases and we sort out through all the evidence and details of your specific case and strategize a strong, customized defense on your behalf.

We serve all courts in the San Fernando Valley. We have a great reputation as we are well known and well respected by judges and prosecutors of the San Fernando Valley courts.

We do whatever we can for our clients in order to get the best possible results. We are aggressive, persistent, and dedicated.

If you are facing embezzlement charges call the firm and set up an appointment immediately. Every minute counts.

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