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In order to be found guilty of receiving stolen property, the prosecutors have to prove that you knew or reasonably should have know that the property you received was stolen. It is not usually very easy to prove that someone definitively knew certain property in their possession was stolen. The element that the police and prosecutors have the best chance to get you on relates to whether you reasonably should have know that particular property was stolen.

For example, if you were able to obtain property for far below what it was worth, then this is a good indicator that it was likely stolen. If you there is not receipt or bill of sale given to a person for a brand new piece of property, then this would certainly be a factor in favor of an argument that the property must have been stolen and you should have realized this when you received it.

It is usually difficult for the prosecutors to prove that you actually stolen property in your possession without having some pretty good evidence to back it up. This is why they use the crime of receiving stolen property as a fall back crime to make sure that you go down for something. However, if you explanation for how you obtained certain property makes sense and you can show that no reasonable person in your position would have believed the subject property to be stolen, then you are now in a position to defend yourself.

A person is found guilty of the crime of receiving stolen property if that person buys or possesses property that has been stolen and they know or reasonably should know that the property is stolen. There are situations where a person does not even know that the property he or she is receiving is stolen and may still be charged with the crime, they would have a good defense to the case. Our Van Nuys Theft Attorneys have tons of experience in dealing with such situations and we are dedicated in defending our clients being charged with receiving stolen property.

To actually be convicted of the crime of receiving stolen property, the prosecution must prove three elements beyond a reasonable doubt:

1. You knowingly received;

2. The property was stolen;

3. You either knew that the property had been stolen or believed that it had probably been stolen at the time you received the property.

If the stolen property received is valued under $400, the charge will be a misdemeanor and is punishable by paying a fine and/or spending up to one year in county jail; these penalties may be increased if any prior theft convictions exist.

Any stolen property received valued over $400 will likely be charged as a felony and can result in up to 3 years in state prison or county jail.

If you have been charged with the crime of receiving stolen property we will help you with your case.

We have the skill and expertise to help you get you with your receiving stolen property charge and fight on your behalf.

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Proposition 47 was recently passed by the California voters and can be used in some cases to reduce a felony stolen property case to a misdemeanor. Even convictions from the past can now be reduced to misdemeanors is they meet certain criteria. I just has a case in LAX / Airport Court where my client had a felony warrant out for his arrest before he was finally caught and brought before the judge. Normally under those circumstances he would have been looking at significant jail time or even prison. But we were able to use Proposition 47 to reduce his crime to a misdemeanor and keep him out of jail!

Now we are able to use the new law to convert felonies into misdemeanors in many of the case that are currently being filed and in cases that were filed years ago. Recently I have really been able to flip the script on these receiving stolen property cases that once created a huge problem for my clients. People who have felony warrants for receiving stolen property are hiring me to go into court and get their warrant recalled, quashed and to resolve their case for a misdemeanor and not jail time. Of course each case spins on its own facts, but the tables have really been turned on the prosecutors and we are achieving unbelievable results for our clients.

It does not make sense to just sit around and do nothing if you have a warrant for your arrest related to a receiving stolen property case. Now is the time to hire an attorney and put the case behind you and restore your good name. Now, in addition to saying that you did not know the property was stolen, you have the argument that the case should not be a felony in the first place.

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