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We are a local criminal defense law firm that appears in the San Fernando Courthouse on a daily basis. Because we consistently handle matters in this Court we are well known by the prosecutors, judges and court staff.

I encourage you to contact our firm and set up a free confidential face to face consultation and speak with one of our attorneys who has actually been in the court where your case is pending and give you some insight on how the San Fernando Court system works. Once we are familiar with your case and specific set or circumstances we can design a plan that will resolve your matter in the best possible manner. We will educate you regarding how the San Fernando District Attorney's Office deals with cases similar to yours and what we can do to put you in the best possible position........given your circumstances.

Our experience is unrivaled - see our credentials on the home page of this website. The key to our success in the San Fernando Court is that we know, through years of experience, how things work and what to do in a particular case. The Firm is a family business with a team of attorneys prepared to represent your interests and zealously fight for your rights, reputation and freedom.

Being charged with a crime can be a devastating experience, especially if you are unaware of your individual rights and legal options. People who have been charged with serious theft crimes, sex crime, drug crimes, and violent crimes face life changing legal consequences if they are convicted. With the legal penalties being so severe, people owe it to them selves to consult with a reputable San Fernando criminal defense attorney when they have been charged with a crime. .

Call the reputable San Fernando Court criminal defense lawyers at the Hedding Law Firm.

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