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Sylmar Juvenile Court handles all Juvenile Crimes committed in the San Fernando Valley. Our firm defends minors charged with crimes in Sylmar Juvenile Court on a daily basis. We are familiar with how the system works, the judges, prosecutors and court staff.

If you are looking for an attorney to defend / protect a minor's interests, I encourage you to call us and set up a confidential free face to face we can educate you on how the system works and design a strategy to protect the minor's future record, freedom and reputation. We understand the devastating consequences a juvenile conviction can have on a young person's life. We will assist you in doing everything possible to get the minor back on the right track and your family as well. Call now to set up your free consultation.

When minors are charged with a crime, they face serious legal repercussions if they are convicted. If a person is convicted of a criminal offense, he/she may have to spend time in jail, pay huge fines, or be placed on probation. Once a person is convicted of a crime, it will always appear on his/her criminal record, which may limit his/her future employment, housing, and educational opportunities. If you have been charged with a crime, you need to be aware that a conviction can lead to life altering consequences. For this reason, you should retain the services of a qualified Sylmar criminal defense attorney. A criminal defense attorney has the training, knowledge, and experience it takes to successfully fight your criminal charges.

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