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We know how to represent a person charged with a crime in Van Nuys Courthouse. We handle hundreds of cases in Van Nuys per year and know what to do and how to deal with the prosecutors, judges and key participants related to your case. Van Nuys Courthouse is one of the largest in Los Angeles County. Of the approximately 47 courthouses in Los Angeles County, this court is one of the top five as far as volume of cases going through its doors each month. If a crime occurs in the San Fernando Valley, it will end up being prosecuted in the Van Nuys Courthouse.

If you or a loved one is being prosecuted ...logic dictates you will chose a law firm to protect your interests, that appears in the Van Nuys Courthouse on a daily basis and has established the connections and reputation necessary to get the job done! That's where we come in...

I have created a law firm specifically focused on being the most effective when it comes to local courthouse politics and knowing the system and players within that system. We know what it takes and who to talk to, in order to get the job done. I encourage you to call us and set up a free face to face consultation. You will be educated on how the system works and we will talk about how we can resolve your specific problem...... it won't cost you a dime to begin to formulate a plan to get your specific problem behind you. Once we have the plan, if you believe that we are the firm to execute the plan, then you will retain us and get yourself on the road to getting your life back!.......(818) 986-2092 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (818) 986-2092 end_of_the_skype_highlighting No one can match our credentials or ability to figure out a plan to get you out of the system and back to your life.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense such as a theft crime, sex crime, drug crime, white collar crime, or white collar crime, you should speak with the dedicated criminal defense attorneys at the Hedding Law Firm. We have handled countless cases involving misdemeanors and serious felonies and we are committed to helping our clients fight their criminal charges both in and out of court.


When someone is arrested and brought to Van Nuys Jail, the police must bring that person to court within 2 business days. If the person is booked for a misdemeanor crime, it usually takes only one business day for the Van Nuys Jail to move them into the Van Nuys Criminal Courthouse. However, if the person is booked for a felony in Van Nuys, then a Van Nuys detective will typically review the case before it is filed with the Van Nuys District Attorney's Office. In a felony bookings, it usually takes two business days to get the person to court. If the arrest occurs on a weekend or holiday, it can extend the time a person is held in custody in Van Nuys.

Of course, once a person is booked in Van Nuys Jail, they have the option of posting bail and will be released quicker than the two days. Once a bail is posted, the court date in Van Nuys is usually set approximately thirty days away. If you or a loved one has been arrested and is being held in the Van Nuys Jail, I encourage you to contact us...we can quickly find out what the charges are, when the person will be going to Van Nuys Court and, once hired, start the process of protecting your loved one's rights, reputation and freedom!

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