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Hedding Law Firm Client Pardoned By George W. Bush- In an extremely rare moment the President of the United States Pardoned a Hedding Law Firm Client. The Pardon had been pending since the Clinton Administration and was one of only a handful to be granted by George W. Bush. We worked on obtaining this Pardon for approximately four years and it is an accomplishment that most criminal defense attorneys can only dream about.

Playboy - Women of Enron 1) Playboy Article - The August 2002 "Women of Enron" edition featured a story about the Hedding Law Firm's top attorney. Playboy magazine (after sending a reporter to cover the trial) recognized attorney Ronald D. Hedding as an ace criminal defense attorney when referring to him in relation to a sensational deadly call girl murder case. Mr. Hedding represented an architect accused of killing his girlfriend's madam. The case involved, among other things, an organized Russian prostitution ring that was bringing young women to America and enslaving them into prostitution to pay for their passage. Mr. Hedding's client was alleged to have become romantically involved with one of the young woman and the prosecution charged that he killed the woman's madam. To read more about this case you can pick-up a copy of the August 2002 edition of playboy, which features an eight page article.

2) Six Charged in Shootout Are Released - This April 1997 alleged murder/extortion case involved six persons being charged with murder, robbery and extortion. Following a nine-day preliminary hearing a Superior Court Judge dismissed all charges against all defendants. See Los Angeles Times and Glendale News-Press Articles.

3) All Charges Dismissed In Major Theft / Embezzlement Case -In September of 1997, Mr. Hedding's photograph and an article were featured on the front page of the Los Angeles Times relating to a case which ultimately ended in all charges against his client being dismissed. Mr. Hedding's client was alleged to have embezzled more than $150,000.00 from a bookstore at California State University at Northridge.

4) Verdicts And Settlements - In 1997 a jury returned a verdict awarding one of Mr. Hedding's clients $180,000.00 because of an injury she sustained during a bikini waxing which resulted in a laceration to her labia.

5) Norwalk - Kidnapping for ransom, terrorist threats, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon - after a three day trial, Judge (on defense motion) dismissed kidnapping for ransom charge. Jury finds client not guilty on remaining counts. Client is now free after facing life imprisonment.

*These are only a small sampling of the hundreds of cases Ronald D. Hedding and the Hedding Law Firm have vigorously defended. When the pressure is on, you must have an attorney who has both the ability to negotiate a successful result for their client and if necessary, to win a case in front of a jury. This firm, its associates and staff have what it takes to protect their client's interests and get the job done.

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