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Another word for juvenile is immature, childish, and youthful. These words pretty much explain why a juvenile should not attempt to commit a crime, especially if you are going to need help from the authorities.

On the morning of Monday August 19, 2013 a 16 year old boy, in attempting to burglarize a home in North Hollywood got stuck in the chimney as he was trying to get access to inside of the home.

Apparently the boy started screaming “like a girl”.

The authorities stated that the boy was friends with the resident’s grandson. He actually knew the family intimately and would go on vacations with them.

The boy will likely be charged with burglary or attempted burglary and face these charges in Juvenile court.

He will definitely need the assistance of a Juvenile Burlgary Attorney because he can potentially face some very serious consequences especially if charged as a felony.

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