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Nicholas West, 22, was arrested and booked Wednesday October 10, 2012 on suspicion of growing and cultivating marijuana.

He faces charges of cultivation and possession of marijuana, along with grand theft of a gun.

Charges like this have a potential of resulting in oer 5 years prison depending on surrounding circumstances and of course whether the defendant has a competent defense attorney representing him.

Malibu Deputies discovered a greenhouse with 29 marijuana plants worth about $4000 behind West’s residence. It was the owner of the home who called the police.

As soon as the deputies entered, they smelled marijuana and saw several dried marijuana plants inside. They called their narcotics bureau and after a search warrant was obtained, deputies searched an approximately 8-by-25-foot greenhouse covered in a plastic tarp and discovered all 29 plants. Deputies also found a handgun not registered to West.

West is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

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