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Itzcoatl Ocampo, 23, was arrested for the stabbing deaths of four homeless men in the Orange County area.

Prosecutors have labeled the case a “serial murder spree” but have not addressed any specific motive.

The alleged serial killer is a former Marine who served in Iraq. He had a reputation of being kind hearted and a type of person who often gave money to the homeless. Family members stated that his time in Iraq completely changed him.

His violent attacks on the victims were not in his character, according to family members. He stabbed the victims 50-60 times.

Ocampo was arrested Friday January 13, 2012 after he was chased down by two men after stabbing the fourth victim,

The victims were identified as James Patrick McGillivray, 53, killed in Placentia on Dec. 20; Lloyd Middaugh, 42, who was found in Anaheim on Dec. 28; Paulus Smit, 57, died in Yorba Linda on Dec. 30; and Berry, who was killed Friday.

Ocampo is being held without bail on psychological watch. Ocampo is facing four counts of murder and the prosecution is undecided on whether to impose death penalty.

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