Civil penalties associated with a petty theft conviction is a debated topic. For instance, if you get caught stealing from a department store, you’ll be taken into custody. Often, the loss prevention office will arrest you and take you into custody and then call the police. Depending on the situation, the police will either arrest you and take you to jail, or cite you from jail. Sometimes the police will cite a person from the location and hand them a ticket that states that they have to appear in court. A person always has the option to hire a lawyer and have a defense after their arrest. Afterward, the department store will usually send a letter saying that restitution is required, and a law firm will try to threaten you about paying the civil restitution. In my experience, if you don’t pay the civil restitution, they’re unlikely to try to collect it.

However, there are fines in criminal court that can be imposed if you get charged for the offense. A fine known as the victim restitution fund gets paid by the offender and exists to help victims of crimes. There are also other fees in Los Angeles County that prosecutors can try and get you to pay concerning the offense that you’re charged with. Your criminal defense attorney can help you determine which fines and restitution you’re facing. If you get caught stealing, you’re going to be responsible for making the victim whole. You’re either going to be accountable for giving back whatever you took or pay the value in the form of criminal restitution.

What Are Some Potential Defense Strategies That My Attorney Will Employ In My Theft Case?

Potential defense strategies will depend on your theft case. First and foremost, there needs to be proof that you actually stole something. A lot of crimes lately deal with people who are not necessarily stealing, but they’re allegedly switching price tags or hiding goods in different goods and are paying for those goods. People returning items and getting arrested while they’re attempting to return items is another example that is used to claim theft. These examples can possibly yield the defense depending on the evidence that the prosecutors have against a particular person. Often, the loss prevention officers are not as sophisticated as the police in catching people who are allegedly stealing.

When mistakes are made, the defense can capitalize on them and present that defense in criminal court. If you’re being accused of theft, you’re going to want to get a criminal defense attorney right away and explain the entire circumstance so that they can adequately prepare a defense for a case.

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