Ronald William Hedding – Over 40 Years Practicing Criminal Defense

One of our top Attorneys with excellent courtroom presence and key connections in both San Fernando Valley Court houses (Van Nuys, San Fernando, and Sylmar) and Los Angeles Courts. He is a leader who is well liked and respected by judges, prosecutors and most important, our clients. He has the uncanny ability to access a situation and advise the client of the best possible alternatives to resolve the matter.

Ronald William Hedding has been a practicing attorney since 1976 – 42 years of helping those people who need the best.  One of the best qualities about Mr. Hedding is his ability to relate to his clients.  He really feels for the clients and wants to make sure that not only are they treated right, but that they get the best result possible — that they get a result that they can move forward in their life in a positive direction.

Bar Admissions California, 1976

He really is, after 42 years, a staple in the legal community.  When he walks into a courtroom, the judges and prosecutors alike know who he is, respect him, like him from having dealt with him for so many years, and he can really read a case.  When you’ve done thousands of cases over a long career, you begin to be able to read both the case, the facts, and figure out how you can get the best result.

You also begin to learn how to read people.  When it comes to the criminal courthouses in Los Angeles county, he can really judge a case.  He’s done hundreds of DUI cases over his career.  He knows what it takes to get the best results.

He knows all the angles.  He knows what a case is worth.  That’s one huge thing about DUI defense work in Los Angeles, and that is, you have to know what a case is worth.  In other words, you have to know when the prosecutors are not being reasonable, not being fair, not giving you the resolution that they should give you, and that’s when you push them and give examples of other cases that you’ve handled where you got the result you’re trying to get for the client.  You can mention that to them and talk to them about it.

The prosecutors are reasonable.  If you can give you a good reason why they should give you a certain resolution in a case, they’ll typically do it.  They really do seek for fairness and consistency.

Ronald Hedding knows how to get the job done.  He knows how to get the result and knows how to talk to people.  He’s respected not only by client, but also by judges, prosecutors and court staff.  Everybody knows him.  They know that he’s an honest man.  He fights hard for his clients and he gets great results.

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