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If You Have a Case Pending in the San Fernando Valley, How Can You Avoid Jail Time and the Virus?

This is a good question because a lot of people are fearful of jail, but when you combine the fact that there’s the Coronavirus and you could end up going to jail in the San Fernando Valley and being exposed to the Coronavirus because the jail population is to compacted together, if one person gets it multiple people get it.

This is a good time to attempt to avoid jail time.  Believe it or not, the sheriffs, the judges, the prosecutors — they don’t really want the jails to become overran because what will end up happening is, they’re just going to have let everybody out.

I was just reading an article yesterday in Orange county that basically, the sheriff in Orange county has been given the authority that if things get too far out of hand, he’s able to just let everybody out of custody.  I don’t think they want to do that, but the point is they’re taking precautionary measures right now.

I just appeared on a three strikes case in Long Beach and they gave my client credit for time served.  Now, the underlying offense wasn’t a violent one.  In fact, it really wasn’t a serious one, but the guy was still looking at prison time, but they gave him credit for time served because they want to try to clear out the jail population to try and get past this Coronavirus.

Already as I make this post on the website, there’s people in LA county jail that are not only quarantined, but have the Coronavirus.  Sheriff’s deputies have died.  There’s all sorts of bad things going on.

Negotiation with Prosecutor to Avoid Jail Time

Now probably is the time to really make a good argument in a case that you might normally get jail or prison time, to avoid that if you can. In addition to not just going to be the Coronavirus, we’re going to have to bring up other factors that make sense for the prosecutors not to give you jail or prison time.Avoiding Jail Time in San Fernando Valley Due to Coronavirus

Because what they’re trying to do is protect the public.  So, if they think you’re a serious danger to the public then they’re still going to seek jail or prison time regardless of the Corona Virus.

I’ve got a number of cases pending right now that are very serious charges and I cannot get the prosecutors to offer a no-jail time offer and I’m having a real time trying to get the people out of custody because their bail is so high.  Someone has a million dollar bail.

For the judge to O.R. release that particular person, it would obviously be an extraordinary measure because the judge would take some accountability and responsibility if they let the person out and something bad happened to some other victim.

Then the family of that victim would be looking at that judge and say, why did you let this guy out?

Keeping Clients Out of Custody

So, you really have to look at everything in context when you’re talking about jail time, prison time and how the Coronavirus is impacting that.  I think the virus will probably impact jail and prison time for the rest of 2020, so obviously.

I’m trying to think of creative ways to keep my clients out of custody — not only for their own safety and health — but obviously, nobody wants to go to jail, so this is another reason I see in addition to a myriad of other reasons to be able to argue that my client shouldn’t be put in custody.

So, if you’re fearful of the Coronavirus and being put in jail, obviously you’re going to want to have a good conversation with somebody like me who has handled thousands of cases over the last 26 years.  I’m available.  All you have to do is pick up the phone and call me.

We can start by talking over the phone, find out exactly what’s going on with you and then see what we can do to help you get through this because I know it is a very difficult time.  It’s one thing to have a criminal case pending against you — that’s a lot of weight on your head — it’s also another thing worrying about going into custody in such bad times with this virus spreading so rapidly and being so contagious.

I think to start to alleviate some of that stress and start to get this problem dealt with, you need to talk to an attorney who’s got experience and who knows what it takes to get the job done for you.

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