Courts are Tough on Drug Crimes

I've been defending people charged with drug crimes in Los Angeles courthouses now for the past 27 years. I have a lot of experience in how vice and the various narcotic detectives deal with these narcotic cases.

Some of these narcotic cases are simple sales cases, while others are more sophisticated, involving large amounts of drugs, weapons, all sorts of different issues related to drugs. They've been very tough on crime in Los Angeles for many years, specifically drug-related offenses.  San Fernando court, for example, is very well-known for putting people in prison, especially people who are involved in:

  • more than one drug-related offense,
  • whether it be sales or possession for sales.

What they will do, on the first offense, you would probably get probation as long as it wasn't a large amount of drugs. But on the second offense, they would use the first offense as a three-year prior, plus they'd be talking about another two or three years for the new offense so that you would be looking at five or six years.  And that was for most of my career.

Policies of New Los Angeles District Attorney

Policies of New Los Angeles District Attorney

They have slid off that path over the last five to ten years, and they've been much more reasonable, even though you're still looking at the prison for a second offense.

The new head prosecutor of Los Angeles County has indicated that he will not be seeking any enhancements in recent times.

This includes a three-year prior enhancement for drugs against those individuals charged with drug-related offenses in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County. Not only that, there have been several propositions passed.

Many of these crimes where people were looking at years in prison have not shrunk down to probation, and even in some cases, there is no jail if it's handled the right way.

Avoid Jail Time and Seeking Reduced Drug Charges

So, if you or a loved one is charged with a drug offense in Los Angeles, you've to the right place. I've seen the evolution from many years ago to the present. You have a chance:

  • not only to stay out of prison and jail, but
  • to reduce some of these offenses down to a misdemeanor,
  • avoid probation,
  • avoid tarnishing your record with a criminal conviction.

The new head DA sees the benefit in trying to educate people and trying to help people who are charged with some of these severe drug offenses. Instead of warehousing them in a prison or a jail, trying to help them, work with them and treat them.  Many of these people are selling drugs and are also using drugs themselves.

Experienced Drug Defense Lawyer

So, the tables have now turned.  The stage is currently set to do many things with these drug cases. In my opinion, though, you need someone who knows drug defense in Los Angeles, the prosecutors, the judges, the police.

Experienced Drug Defense Lawyer in the San Fernando Valley

Many of these cases can also be trimmed down with a powerful motion that knocks out some of the prosecutor's firepower. Because many times, especially in these significant drug cases, the police are cutting corners, doing things the wrong way. Therefore, we're able to get motions granted — whether it be an illegal search.

Sometimes they'll get a search warrant, but the search warrant will not be adequately obtained.  Now, they can't search anybody's cell phone unless they get a warrant to search a cell phone.

They can't just grab it off of somebody and start searching through it unless the person is stupid enough to give their consent. So, all sorts of things can be done if you or a loved one is charged with a drug-related offense, possession for sales, or sales, in Los Angeles, pick up the phone.

Make the call now.  Many things can help you if you know how to defend these cases the right way. Ask for Ron Hedding.  Take the first step towards helping you with your problem, getting you out of the criminal court as fast as possible.