Learn the Best Strategy in Handling a Warrant Issued Against You in the San Fernando Valley

For 26 years now, I’ve helped people clear-up their warrants in the San Fernando Valley courthouses — Van Nuys, San Fernando — and all the outer-lying courthouses like Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena.  Malibu used to be open.

A lot of those have now been transferred to the Airport court and one common thing I see in these warrants is that people have this big scary thought about a warrant and that’s why they just kind of don’t deal with it and once they end up hiring someone like me — who knows how to handle these cases — they come to court and they deal with it — I see the sense of relief and they’re shocked at how easy it was to deal with the warrant.

Get a Warrant Recalled and Quashed

It is easy to deal with a warrant because just you showing up with your attorney will get the warrant recalled and quashed.  The more difficult thing to deal with a lot of times is the case.  In other words, depending on the type of the case.

Is it a case that you just didn’t deal with and now you have an open case against you that you have to deal with?  Those can sometimes be difficult.  There’s also a flip side to that though because a lot of these open cases — if enough time has gone by — the prosecutors may have problems proving them, so we can use that to our advantage in trying to resolve things.Best Strategy Dealing with Warrants in San Fernando Valley

The other issue that we have to look at and be concerned about is maybe you pled guilty to a crime.  You were in the process of doing what you were supposed to and then you failed to follow-through and finish and go back to court and do whatever it is you were supposed to.

In that scenario, we’re going to have to explain to the judge what happened.  That’s a simple basic question.  You have a warrant out for your arrest.  Why?  What did you do wrong and why did you do that?

If we can explain that in a logical manner and then we can take the next step on your warrant case in the San Fernando Valley and tell the judge what you’re doing now and how you’re moving forward in a positive direction.

Don’t forget, you’re already on the good foot because you’re showing up.  You hired a lawyer.  You’re dealing with your warrant.  Now, if you’re a family member calling because your loved one was caught on a warrant and now they’re in custody, that’s a more difficult situation because the judge might take the position, that person would have never turned themselves in their warrant but for the authorities catching them.

Explaining Why You Have a Warrant

If that’s the case, obviously we have to employ a different strategy.  We’re still going to need to explain why the person didn’t show up for the warrant.  We’re still going to need to look at what the person is doing now and hopefully the person is doing well.

Hopefully they’ve got a job, a family, whatever the case may be that shows that they’re on the right track and the court’s not going to have any problems with that person anymore, and yes, we are going to have to answer why didn’t that person show up to court and follow through, and would the person have ever taken care of this.

Regardless, the courts deal with warrants every day of the week.  I know how to handle these warrants.  I’ve been doing this 26 years.  I have a lot of experience in the San Fernando Valley courts.

So, if you or a loved one has a warrant — even if you’re out of state — even if you’re in another country — I’ve been able to set things up to be able to take the warrant out of the system for a period of time.

This will allow you to travel back into the United States or to allow you to travel back into California and then we appear in court, we get the warrant taken are of and we deal with whatever issues there were surrounding the warrant.

If it’s handled the right way, I encourage you to deal with the warrant as soon as possible because if we can go in there with a strategy, that puts us in a very strong position to be successful in dealing with the warrant.

Keeping You Out of Custody

What do I mean by that?  What would be success in a warrant situation in the San Fernando Valley?  Well, one successful thing would be if we could keep you out of custody.  Nobody wants to go into jail and that’s usually the biggest fears and one of the biggest reasons people don’t deal with their warrants.

So, if we can come up with another solution other than jail or prison time, obviously that’s going to be something you want to deal with and you’re going to be happy about and you’re going to be so relieved when you go in there.

If we can work it out that you don’t go into custody — now you’ve taken care of your warrant.  Now you’ve taken care of your case and now you can move on.

A lot of times I’ve been able to get felonies reduced to a misdemeanor.  I’ve been able to get cases expunged, and these are cases that have been in warrant status for months, and even years, and the people don’t deal with them.

They finally hire me.  They deal with them.  They’re happy and they put it behind them so they can move on with their life.  It’s difficult when you have a warrant hanging over your head.  It really interferes with your quality of life.

I encourage you, if you or a loved on has a warrant, you need help, pick up the phone.  Make the call.  I stand at the ready to put this warrant behind you and to get you back out there not having to worry or look over your shoulder.