What is the Likelihood of Going to Jail if You have a Criminal Case in Los Angeles County?

Jail is probably one of the biggest fears that criminal defendants have when it comes to California criminal cases pending against them.  So many ramifications come from being thrown in jail.

First of all, you’re in a place where you’re very restricted.  There’s limited room, and of course, there’s the Coronavirus right now, so you’re probably 15 times more likely to get the Coronavirus should you have to go into custody.

Of course, the next thing is, a lot of people have jobs and family and they don’t want to go into custody.  They don’t want to lose their job.

They don’t want to be away from their family, and I think maybe the next and one of the more important things is the danger.  There’s a lot of people that are jammed in the county jail right now.

There’s a lot of people in prison.  There’s a lot of people that are very dangerous and they don’t want to take the chance that something bad could happen to them when they go into custody.

Type of Criminal Case and Prior Record

So, when you start to evaluate what the likelihood of going to jail is, here are some of the things you have to look at:Chances of Going to Jail If You Have a California Criminal Case

What type of a crime are you charged with, such as theft crimes, DUI, the less likely to involve harming somebody, that gives you probably the best chance of not going to jail in Los Angeles county.

If you’ve got a more serious crime though, that starts to increase the probability of you going to jail. The next thing we look at is your criminal record.

If you have no criminal record, you’ve never been in trouble before, never had any issues with the law, then your much more likely not to go to jail than those people who continue to get in trouble over and over again.

The prosecutors feel that they need to put them in jail or prison to teach them a lesson.

Retain an Experienced Defense Lawyer

The final thing that I would say is important when looking at whether or not you’re going to jail, is twofold:

  • you’ve got to get the best criminal defense attorney;
  • you’ve got to get somebody who knows how to fight for you.

Somebody like me who’s been doing this almost 30 years and had great success with their clients.

I think having somebody that has the experience, having somebody that knows what it takes to keep somebody out of jail or custody, we look at for example right now with the Coronavirus, you have a great chance to not go to jail.

The police, prosecutors and judges really don’t want to put people in jail unless they feel they have to. Unless they feel it’s in society’s best interest and the reason for that is:Experienced Defense Lawyer in California

  • the jails are overcrowded,
  • the jails are dangerous right now,
  • it’s dangerous for the sheriffs who have to deal with people who might be carrying in the Coronavirus.

They’re having trouble moving people from county jail to state prison because when those county bodies go into prison society they tend to infect a lot of other prisoners and the Coronavirus spreads.

So, right now is probably the best time to avoid jail and getting a good strategy together with your attorney, looking at your record, looking at what you allegedly did and looking at you as a person and putting together a mitigation package, is going to give you the best chance to stay out of jail.

Pick up the phone.  Take the first step.  Hire Ronald D. Hedding as your attorney.  I stand at the ready to help you.

I stand at the ready to fight for you and I stand at the ready to do everything possible to keep you out of jail.

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