If you hire an attorney, that attorney can reach out to the prosecutors and try and give them other evidence at the police might not have gathered, so that they can consider everything. If they decide not to file the charges, then you never get charges filed against you.

When your attorney shows up in court, they are informed at that time that the prosecutors have decided not to file charges. Sometimes, they send the case out for further investigation, which means they’re not going to file now but they may file in the future.

Other times, they will file charges in court and your criminal defense attorney will bring forth other evidence that they didn’t consider, resulting in a dismissal or reduction of the charges.

What Happens If I Post Bail But Fail To Appear On My Court Date?

Bail gets you out of jail so that you can appear in court. If you fail to appear at that time, the judge will typically issue a warrant for your arrest, revoke your bail, and possibly set the bail at a higher amount to ensure your next appearance.

Also, if you posted bond using a bail bond company, they are going to be responsible for that bail. If you posted a $50,000 bail, the bond company is going to lose $50,000 if they don’t find you within 180 days. Their bounty hunters are going to come looking for you and bring you in.

Once a warrant is issued for your arrest, the police have more power over what happens with that warrant and how that particular warrant is going to be executed. If the judge issued a warrant for your arrest, then the judge obviously had good reason to do.

You can bet that the police are going to arrest you, take you into custody, and try to make sure that you are prosecuted. All the judge really does is issue a warrant for your arrest and then it’s up to the police in San Fernando Valley to go out and try and catch you for that warrant.

Can My Attorney Arrange For Me To Turn Myself In If A Warrant?

If a bench warrant has been issued, your criminal defense attorney can take you directly to court. That will save you having to sit in custody, especially if you’re going to bail out.

The police having a warrant for you that hasn’t gone into court yet is a bit more difficult. Typically, there needs to be arrangements made between the police and your attorney to go into the police station, have you booked on the warrant, and then you can post bail through a bail bondsman.

It all depends on what type of a warrant it is, who issued it, and what the circumstances of the case are. Your best bet is always to go through an attorney and let your attorney assist you with surrendering on the warrant.

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