Since the last twenty-five years that I’ve been practicing criminal defense, I’ve seen a lot of criminal activity on Sepulveda Boulevard. The police know about all the crime that is taking place on Sepulveda that runs across the San Fernando Valley, so they have their vice operations going in full force on Sepulveda Boulevard.

Prostitution Stings by Police

They have sting operations going. A lot of the main activity on Sepulveda Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley centers around prostitution. So, obviously, there are prostitutes out there and the police are watching and then they will either catch people in the act of prostitution and arrest the prostitute and also the person that they call the “john” that is trying to get the prostitute to engage in some sort of sexual activity with them.

Also, the police will put their own female officers out there posing as prostitutes and they will all be wired up and they will have a whole team out there waiting to catch person after person after person.

A lot of times there’s a lot of entrapment that goes on. It’s really not fair how they’re conducting these operations, but obviously, if you have an attorney who has handled these cases before and knows what to do, you can get a lot of good results.

There’s also gang activity out on Sepulveda Boulevard that the police are looking out for. I’ve seen a lot of people charged with pimping and pandering, prostitution activity, solicitation of prostitution.

What people don’t realize is if you agree or propose some sort of sexual act for money, that’s all that it takes to get you for solicitation of prostitution on Sepulveda Boulevard, even if the act is not effectuated. Even if you’re going to try to claim that you were joking, the police are going to arrest you, prosecute you and they’re going to try to tarnish your record because of what they perceive as an immoral act.

Defenses To Crimes Being Prosecuted On Sepulveda Blvd. In The San Fernando Valley

One defense is entrapment. I use it all the time. A lot of times people are not predisposed to commit the crime of prostitution or to commit any crimes on Sepulveda Boulevard and the police are just out there ready to pounce on anybody that comes along.

If that’s the case, in your case obviously we get you into the office. We go over all the details. I encourage you to be honest. Don’t leave anything out. Don’t put a spin on anything, so I can really get a feel for what happened. Then I can give you an idea of what you are facing; whether you have a good defense and what type of strategy we can use to try to deal with your case and get it resolved.

There is definitely a rush to judgment when it comes to people on Sepulveda Boulevard. The first thing I see in all the police reports are, there are a lot of crimes activities in this area throughout the course of the last how many years, and we’re there for crime suppression.

This is the police writing this in the report. So now the judge hears that during a preliminary hearing or even a jury during a trial and they’re like, oh yeah, this person must have been doing something wrong. But that’s not necessarily always true. Sometimes people just get themselves mixed in the heart of something that they really didn’t have any intention of committing any crime.

So, really the way to evaluate that is to get a great criminal defense attorney on your side. Go over all the details with them. I can really have a good feel for whether or not it’s a case that should be fought; it’s a case where I can convince the prosecutor just by talking to him that they should just dismiss the charges or make a lesser charge or mitigate them down or give the person diversion, or whether it’s a case where they’ve got a good case against you, we need to do damage control and try to negotiate a plea bargain for you.

Retain a San Fernando Valley Criminal Attorney

So, if you’ve got a case that was spawned on Sepulveda Boulevard – I’ve handled hundreds of cases that have happened on Sepulveda Boulevard. I know all the police tricks that they use and I know how to beat these cases if it’s a winnable case, and I also obviously know how to mitigate a case and show the prosecutors the good things about you with character letters, your job, if you go to school, if you have a family.

These are all the things that we really need to do in order to tell your story to try to wipe off the taint of a Sepulveda Boulevard case and show the people the person that you are. A lot of times the police do a one-sided investigation, especially when it comes to a crime on Sepulveda Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley.

There’s a rush to judgment. They don’t get your side of the story and it’s your criminal defense attorney’s job to tell them your side of the story so you get treated the best.

If you’ve got a case on Sepulveda Boulevard, you’re probably either being prosecuted in the Van Nuys courthouse or the San Fernando courthouse. The Hedding Law Firm has practiced in these courthouses for the last twenty-five years. We’re local to the courthouses.

We know the prosecutors and know the judges and knows what it takes to get you the best possible result when it comes to a case that occurred on Sepulveda Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley.

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