You definitely want to meet with your attorney as much as necessary to feel confident that you have given him or her all the information and details that you have related to the case. You should also feel confident that your attorney has answered all your questions related to the case, that you understand what you are being charged with, the potential defenses you have, and the penalties you face.

Court Appearance In Van Nuys after a Drug Arrest?

If you bail out, you will have a criminal appearance in one of the arraignment courts in Van Nuys within 45 days. If you do not post bail, then you are going to be in court within 72 hours.

If they do not get you into court within 72 hours, then they have to let you go. If that happens, they will come and arrest you or your attorney can make arrangements for you to surrender yourself and post your bail.

Drug Counseling Before My First Court

If you think you have a drug problem and you have a drug case pending in the Van Nuys criminal court, you should absolutely start some sort of a drug program. If you are just a social or a casual drug user and you do not think you need help, then you need to talk to your attorney about it and see how the Van Nuys prosecutors might react to you not taking some sort of a drug treatment program.

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Strategy When Drug Use is Reason for a Crime