Real Robbery Case Example in San Fernando, CA

When it comes to robberies in the San Fernando Valley, you’re going to want to have some good strategies in order to defend the case. One result that I had which kind of emphasizes some of the strategies that can be utilized is, I had a client who was basically charged with robbery, under California Penal Code 211.

It was a situation where multiple robberies were occurring and the police had basically done a sketch through a sketch artist of the alleged robber and ultimately, my client ended up getting arrested and charged with the robbery in the San Fernando Valley.

He was charged with like five robberies. Basically, whoever this individual was who was committing these robberies, was picking the same type of store and committing the robberies, and somehow somebody was identifying my client as the robber.

One of the biggest problems for the prosecutors in the case was that the robber had — according to all of the witnesses — a tattoo on his neck and my client did not have a tattoo on his neck. This is just an example of why, if he doesn’t have a tattoo on his neck, would the prosecutors prosecute this case?

That was the chief piece of evidence. It kept coming up over and over again as I was cross-examining the witness and pointing out the fact that my client had no tattoo on his neck. It made no sense that a robber would paint a tattoo on their neck to commit robberies.

So, ultimately, this case was done in front of a jury. It didn’t even get to the jury. The judge, before the case got to the jury, ended up dismissing the case.

So, sometimes the prosecutors file a case and the police arrest somebody and they just don’t have good evidence in a case. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the person gets off. I have a lot of client yelling and screaming and I hear a lot of people yelling and screaming that they’re innocent.

There’s no way I should get convicted. The reality is, you could get convicted. If a jury finds you guilty, then you’re going to get convicted. The only thing that’s going to separate whether you’re going to be found guilty or not guilty is your criminal lawyer.

Retain an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

So, you have to get somebody who knows what they’re doing, has been down this road before and has had success, has had wins in robbery case throughout San Fernando Valley. What I have you do in these robbery charges, I have you come in. We sit down and we talk about it. The consequences of a robbery conviction can be severe.

We look at what the evidence is that the prosecutors are claiming they have against you and we make the decision whether or not this is a case worth fighting or this is a case where we need to work out some sort of a plea bargain. That happens a lot in criminal defense where the prosecutors have the goods on the person and we’re doing damage control.

Seeking a Lesser Charge to Robbery

In a robbery situation, we’re probably going to be trying to get some other charge other than a robbery, like a grand theft person — which is not a strike. You don’t have to do 85% of the time. You’re usually not looking at prison for that type of a crime.

Because for robbery cases in San Fernando or Van Nuys, CA, you’re looking at prison and getting a strike on your record. You’re looking at serving 85% of the time. No one wants to have a robbery conviction on their record for the rest of their life.

So, even if you have to take a robbery conviction, you don’t want to go to prison for six years, and if there’s a weapon used that makes things even worse. We’ve gotten some great results in robbery cases — whether it be trying the case and winning it.

If that’s appropriate and if that makes sense under your circumstances because there are problems with the prosecutor’s case. If on the other hand, it doesn’t make sense, then we’re going to try to negotiate a favorable resolution for you, taking into account your life, your family, your history and your version of events related to the case.

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