One right you have and should always utilize is to remain silent. You can be polite with the police and still ask for an attorney before making any statement. That cannot be used against you.

Even a statement that does not seem incriminating at the time can be used against you out of context. There is no videotape of it, no audio tape of it, and no way to disprove it. Your next move is getting an attorney as quickly as you can, who knows the courthouse where your case is pending, has handled the type of crime that you are charged with and knows how to deal with the judge and the prosecutor involved in the case.

Arraignment Before Release On Drug Possession Charge in Van Nuys Jail

When it comes to arraignments in the Van Nuys jail, in drug cases particularly, you can bail out before you even get into the arraignment court. Then, your arraignment will be in 30 days. However, you may be required to prove, through your attorney, that whatever money is being used to pay for the bail is not drug money and is a loss of money.

One of the biggest things the judge looks for in drug crimes is whether you are a danger to the community. Are you giving drugs to children? Do you have a gun? All the factors, when it comes to setting bail, are centered around protecting the community.

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Strategy When Drug Use is Reason for a Crime