San Fernando is known for being particularly harsh when it comes to drug and gun-related offenses.  If somebody’s selling drugs, they’ve got a weapon in order to protect the drugs either in their house, on their person or in their car, the police will get them.  They’ll arrest them.  The prosecutor will review the case and file some very serious charges.

The gun allegation along with the narcotics or the dope (CALCRIM 2304), usually causes a prison sentence unless the case is handled the right way and there can be something shown that’s mitigating — that gets you outside that prison gambit.  Obviously, nobody wants to go to prison.

So, if you’ve got a drug sales or possession for sales case under California Health and Safety Code 11351, along with an alleged gun allegation — in other words, having a gun in the immediate presence of the drugs — that’s going to put you in a position where you’re looking at prison and a lengthy sentence in prison.

Retain a Lawyer with Experience in San Fernando Court

What you need to do is get to an attorney who has experience with dealing with those type of cases in that particular courthouse.  San Fernando, because there are a lot of drug-related offenses there and there’s a lot of people walking around with guns.Defense of Guns and Drug Cases in San Fernando Courthouse

Whether they be just regular gun owners or gang members — that particular area is very harsh because what they’re trying to do is eradicate guns and drugs in the San Fernando city.

San Fernando is its own special city even though it’s part of Los Angeles County.  It’s staffed by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office and the judges there are judges who are part of the judicial council, but it is its own city and it has its own personality and its own way of doing things.

Believe it or not, you might think that a jury pool there if you take the case to trial is a really easy one, but it’s not.  It’s conservative.  They’re drawing jurors from Canyon County, Saugus, Valencia — so, it is a conservative jury pool that’s very harsh on crime — especially gang members, drugs, gun violence.

Gang Allegations in Criminal Cases

So, you really have to get in there with a strategy.  If you or a loved on is charged with possession for sales or sales of drugs, if there’s a gun involved, if there’s gang allegations (CALCRIM 1401) involved, you’re going to want to get an attorney who’s been down this road before.

Also, one who has handled these type of cases before in the San Fernando courthouse, knows what to do, knows who to talk to and if it’s a defensible case where you might have some argument to either mitigate the charges down or even get the charges dismissed altogether.

Maybe there’s an illegal search for example.  Maybe the search warrant was gotten, but it shouldn’t have been given to the police in order to search a car or a home, or maybe the police just decided to search on their own.

They don’t care.  They just start grabbing stuff, claiming they’re looking for a registration, a license, insurance — when in reality, we know they’re looking for guns and dope.

San Fernando Criminal Attorney

So, if you need help with one of these cases, I’ve been practicing there for 26 years with a lot of success because I work hard for my clients.  I look into everything.  I listen to what my clients say and I’m very realistic about what is possible and what is not possible.

If you need help with a possession for sales or sales case in the San Fernando courthouse, pick up the phone.  Make the call and we’ll do everything we can to help you.

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