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Philip Eric Myers, 61, of Santa Barbara, a disbarred attorney, and Brian Ben-Israel, 53, a registered nurse, face maximum sentences of up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for mail and wire fraud allegations.

Both Myers and Ben-Israel plead guilty to the federal charges accusing them of intentionally befriending an elderly woman, Juanita Gielarowski, for the purpose of cheating her and defrauding her out of more than $2 million from her estate.

Ben-Israel gained Gielarowski’s trust and her daughter, Linda Stower’s trust by acting as her healthcare provider and “financial advisor”. Thenafter, according to the indictment, Ben-Israel introduced Myers to Gielarowski and Stower as his friend and business partner.

By 2007 they had planned a way to get control of Gielarowski’s assets to invest in Myer’s corporation, Typhoon Security Technology, and to use for their personal use.

They corporation that aimed to be one of the top three global leaders in explosive and weapon detection had been suspended and basically all of Gielarowski’s assets were fro Ben-Israel’s and Myer’s personal use.

By 2009, Gielarowski’s assets and funds were so depleted that she had to move into a care home where she died as a result of the crimes as stated by the prosecutors.

Both men have been convicted and Ben-Israel is set to be sentenced December 19 and Myers in January both facing 20 years in federal prison.

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