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The police suspect that there were two, but one gunman, identified as 24 year old Adam Lanza now lies dead.

On a peaceful Friday morning in Connecticut, Adam Lanza entered an elementary school at about 9:40 am with the intent to shoot and kill. Lanza entered the school wearing a bullet proof vest and had more that four weapons in his possession.

According to law enforcement, the incident began with an argument with the principal followed by staff members getting shot. Lanza then proceeded to a classroom shooting rapidly.

The investigation is on going but the latest report states that 27 people were killed, 18 of them children. No one knows as to why Lanza showed up to the elementary school with weapons ready to kill. Reports state his mother was part of the staff and that he either had a kid or relative that attended the school. Apparently, there was also a dead body found in his home.

Police suspect that a second gunman was present. All schools in Newton, Connecticut have been locked down as police further investigate.

This is a tragic event that occurred and worse shooting in the country’s history.

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