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Karen “Gary” Kazaryan, 27, from Glendale, has been accused of hacking into Facebook, Skype, and email accounts and using women’s personal information and pictures to coerce them to strip for him and show him their bodies.

Kazaryan entered a plea agreement with the District Attorney stating that he will not receive a prison sentence of more than 6 years and as a part of the deal he admitted that he hacked into accounts, changed passwords, and did use personal information and nude or semi-nude photos of his victims to force female victims to show him their bodies.

He would also use the information to pose as a woman and send instant messages to friends of the people’s whose accounts were hacked and also persuade them to remove clothing and send nude pictures.

If anyone happened to refuse, Kazaryan followed through with his threats and posted nude photos of some of the victims on Facebook.

Over 3000 nude and semi nude pictures were found in Kazaryan’s computer and he was arrested by FBI Agents back in January based on a 30 age indictment.

Kazaryan is scheduled to plead guilty to computer fraud and aggravated identity theft charges July 10 in federal court.

Prosecutors stated that over 350 women have been victimized but not all have been identified and therefore the investigations continue to be pursued by the FBI.

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