With all of the population in Los Angeles, I’ve handled thousands of hit and run cases over the 26 years that I’ve been practicing criminal defense.

Basically, what the prosecutors need to prove is that you or someone you love who was driving a motor vehicle hit another motor vehicle or was hit by another motor vehicle and got in an accident.

It really doesn’t matter whose fault the accident is.

Leaving Scene Without Exchanging Information

It matters that there was some sort of property damage. That would be the hit, and if someone actually drove away without exchanging information, that would be the run part of it.

How a Prosecutor Proves a Hit and Run Case in Los Angeles

If a hit and run only involves property damage, the prosecutor will file misdemeanor charges under California Vehicle Code 20002 VC.

The person could be charged with a misdemeanor hit and run, under California Vehicle Code 20002, if it’s just property damage.

If, on the other hand, it is someone being hurt, then it could be charged as a felony hit and run under California Vehicle Code 20002.

The bottom line is, if you get in any type of an accident regardless of who is at fault, you must give the other person your information.  This can become a bit tricky.

What if you hit a parked car and there’s nobody there and it’s late at night?  The next move, if you want to ultimately be safe, would be to dial 9-1-1, let them know that you struck the parked car.

Let them know where you are, who you are, give proof that you contacted 9-1-1, and then you would be good as far as your responsibilities.

In addition to that, you would want to put a note on the car with your contact information on it, and then you would cover yourself as far as the hit and run goes.

Retain a Defense Lawyer Immediately

So, you see what it’s meant to protect against is someone hitting another vehicle and then not financially taking responsibility for it.

That’s why we have the hit and run rules and if you’re charged with a hit and run you’re going to need an attorney right away.

What I see all the time is people get involved in some sort of an accident, even if they’ve been rear-ended.

For some reason — maybe they feel they’re intoxicated, maybe they don’t their driver’s license or insurance — they decide to drive away without exchanging information or they leave the vehicle there and run away — that would also be classified by a hit and run case in Los Angeles County.

Car Accident Causing Property Damage

The main thing the prosecutors have to prove is that you got in an accident that caused property damage.  So, you could not even hit another vehicle — if you hit someone’s wall or someone’s street.

Hit and Run Causing Property Damage in Los Angeles

In order to prove hit and run charges, prosecutors must prove you got in an accident causing property damage and you left the scene without exchanging information.

If it causes property damage, it meets the requirement for purposes of the first step of a hit and run. The second thing they have to prove is that you left the scene without exchanging information.

A lot of times people will leave the scene and then try to come back later and give the information.  That may or may not fix everything.

The bottom line is, you left the scene, so technically, it’s still a hit and run.  The issue is going to be whether or not the prosecutors are going to deal with a case like that or whether the police are going to deal with a case like that.

So, you now have a pretty good idea of what the police need to prove when it comes to a hit and run.  They’re going to turn the case into the prosecutor and the prosecutors will decide whether to file the case.

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Difference Between a Felony and Misdemeanor Hit and Run