Determining Defense Strategy to Fight Charges

I've been handling criminal defense now in the Encino area for the last 26 years.  My office is on the corner of Gaviota and Ventura at the 16000 Ventura address. Many cases are prosecuted in the San Fernando Valley that I deal with in a very successful manner. So, if you were arrested in the Encino area or if you live in the Encino area and you're looking for a criminal defense attorney, you've come to the right place.

How I attack these criminal cases is, I will have you or your loved one come in.  We'll all sit down — I get family members involved as well — and we'll decide what the best course of action is for you or your loved one. I've handled over 250 jury trials in my 26 years of defending criminal cases.  If it's a case that needs to be negotiated, I've taken thousands of patients over many years.

I have a lot of successful experience in criminal defense because I have worked for the District Attorney's office in the early 1990s, and I also worked for a Superior Court judge, so I have a broad perspective on how these cases are handled by the prosecution and also from the judges. I was a Superior Court judge's right-hand research attorney, and I helped him make his tentative rulings on cases that came before the court.

Extensive Experience With Local Judges

This means I know how a judge views the evidence in cases and how they think and what it will take to get the best possible result if you're charged with a criminal case and you're looking for an attorney who practices in the Encino area.

There is no Encino criminal court.  So, suppose you were arrested in the Encino area. In that case, your case will likely go to the Van Nuys Courthouse, unless it's a severe case, in which case it could be prosecuted at the downtown Criminal Courts Building, 210 West Temple.

I've handled thousands of cases in each of those courthouses.  My law firm is a staple in the criminal defense community and the Encino area. I have had my office in Encino how I love the community for the last 26 years.  I love the people in the community.

I love helping people because it is where my talent lies — helping people charged with crimes.  Sometimes the people are innocent; sometimes, they're not. But I know no matter what the case is, it's my job to help them preserve their rights, freedom, record, reputation, career, and all the things they hold dear to them, and I take this job very seriously.

I encourage you to read my book, The Art of the Perfect Defense, which I have had published for many years now.  It gives you a general overview of how criminal defense works.

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Check out my reviews so you can see what other people say about me and what I've been able to do for them.  Also, look at my videos.

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I'm not one of those weak attorneys who can't talk and represent a client powerfully.  I'm very confident in what I do.

I'm very confident that I get the best results for my clients.  I put myself out there on the internet.  I have hundreds of videos out there on numerous topics involving criminal defense-related issues. If you want an attorney serious about what they do, come to my office in Encino, California.  We will sit down and design a game plan for you, your life, your future to get you the best possible result.

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