Showing Federal Government has Jurisdiction

Typically, federal criminal cases that's going to be controlled by the Central District which is based in downtown Los Angeles.  You're talking about a courthouse that is pretty new. It was built on First Street in downtown LA.  They also have what's Roybal Building where some of the judges are housed and also where they typically bring the person for their first court appearance.

Visiting is right near that area called Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) where they house a lot of the inmates who have cases pending in downtown Los Angeles, also known as the Central District of California.

Roybal Federal Building in Los Angeles
Edward R. Roybal Federal Building – 255 E Temple St, Los Angeles, California 90012

The way they have to prove a federal case is first they have to be able to show that somehow the feds have jurisdiction.  In other words, can they even prosecute the case or is this a case that should be being prosecuted by the state government?

The way they can establish jurisdiction for federal case purposes is actually pretty easy.  They just have to show that someone interstate commerce is affected in some way. So, that's pretty easy to prove a lot of times — whether a person is using a computer, they're traveling between states or even doing something that impacts interstate commerce, then the feds are going to be able to prosecute the case.

So, it's very rare that the feds can't prosecute a case in a particular jurisdiction, but it's usually one of the boxes they have to check in order to file and prosecute a federal criminal case against somebody.

Showing Defendant Committed a Crime

The next thing you can expect when they're trying to prove a federal case is, obviously, the person that they're targeting committed some sort of a crime. There's a variety of crimes that I see the federal government prosecuting.  Probably the most likely crime that you can expect them to prosecute is something like a drug-related offense where a lot of drugs were involved or multiple people are involved.

In other words, conspiracy-type conduct where it's complicated and maybe wiretaps are going to have to be used to prove the conspiracy.  There's a whole variety of reasons. Also, you'll see crimes that involve the federal government.  For example, if somebody commits a bank robbery, that bank is usually federally insured so that will trigger the feds to get involved.

I've handled hundreds of cases in my 26-year career involving federal charges across many different states, but when you're talking about the Central District in Los Angeles, California, they prosecute all sorts of different crimes.

It really just depends on whether the feds believe they have an interest in the particular crime that has been committed or whether they think the state should be prosecuting that and they really shouldn't be getting involved in that particular criminal offense.

Experienced Federal Criminal Defense

Federal Criminal Defense in Los Angeles
We need to review your federal case to determine if the prosecutor can prove the charges against you.

So, if you're charged with a federal crime or a loved one is charged with a federal crime and you live in the Los Angeles area, you've come to the perfect place because I've done this many times. I've written a book talking about the basics of criminal defense.  I like it when people read that.  You can get it on Amazon very easily.

We can sit down after you've reviewed it and go over your federal case and really make a determination if the feds can prove a criminal case against you or if they can't. Not everybody they target or arrest they can prosecute because a lot of times they simply do not have the evidence.

If we do determine the feds do have a good criminal case against you — they've got the evidence — obviously, the first step is going to be getting you or your loved one out of custody. This will allow you to deal with your case on the outside, especially now with the Coronavirus and everything that's going on in the federal system.

You want to make sure, if possible, that you can fight the case from the outside, and then we'll get all of the paperwork and investigation and videos related to the case. We'll both review it all and sit down and talk about it and figure out exactly what our best defense strategy is.

Call Hedding Law Firm to Review Best Strategy

California Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer
Call our law firm to review all the details of your case.

I like to talk to the prosecutors a lot of times before I meet with my client so I can get a feel for where their head is at. Then we can have a good solid conversation about what the best strategy is for us as a defense team in moving forward with the case so we make the right moves that make the most sense related to your criminal offense.

So, if you have a case and you need help, pick up the phone. Make the call.  I stand at the ready to help you and do everything possible to mitigate and defend your federal criminal case.

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