April 21, 2011 3:09 pm Published by

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office was seeking a civil injunction against members of Puente 13 and Bassett Grande. They are behind violence, drug sales, and protection rackets in the Valinda Corridor and the city of La Puente. A judge granted a preliminary injunction Tuesday that restricts the activities of gang members in 16 sq. miles of San Gabriel Valley. The injunction designates that area as a “safety zone”.

The injunction demands that Puente 13 and Bassett Grande gang members not associate with each other in public or possess weapons, narcotics or graffiti tools within the designated 16 sq. mile area. The injunction also prohibits that members of the gang visit Bassett park and Puente park and imposes a 10 pm. to 5 am. curfew for the gang members. A violation of the injunction can result in a six-month jail term.

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