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The Lost Hills Sheriff Station patrols the west-end of the San Fernando Valley. It also covers Agoura Hills and all of the surrounding areas. It’s the Sheriff; not the LAPD.

The Sheriff Station itself is actually in kind of a remote area — dark, not much lighting. It’s also surrounded by a lot of bars, a few clubs, and the street light is very dark there, so a lot of people, especially on Agora Road, are stopped by the Lost Hills Sheriff Station. Sometimes people are drinking and driving. Sometimes people are lost. There are accidents and speeding- all sorts of stuff going on there.

Lost Hills Sheriff’s Have a Bad Reputation

The Lost Hills Sheriff Station does not have a very good reputation in criminal defense at least as far as the twenty-five years that I’ve been practicing criminal defense. They are very vicious and rude to people – arresting people for no reason.

There was a famous case where they had arrested somebody for DUI and then let her go in the middle of the night. She turned up missing and was later found dead in Malibu Canyon. So, it’s not a very good reputation for this Sheriff Station.

If you’re involved with them in any type of a criminal matter, you don’t want to talk or say anything because they will twist your words and a lot of times take things out of context and claim that you said something that you really didn’t say.

So, if you were arrested by the Lost Hills Sheriff Station, you’ll likely have a case pending in the Van Nuys criminal court, because that’s pretty much who they feed into, unless they’re outside their jurisdiction and they go into Ventura County and they send you to Simi Valley or the actual Ventura court off of Victoria.

But, most of the time if the Sheriffs get you in Los Hills, you’ve got a situation where you’re going to be sent to the Van Nuys court who send it to the prosecutors who will decide what to file.

I see them a lot pulling people over in the dark near Agoura Road and in the area they patrol, which is basically west of Valley Circle. Once in a while, you’ll see the Lost Hills Sheriff Station officers on the other side, but for the most part, you’re going to see the around Agoura. They also cover Pacific Coast Highway.

DUI and Vehicular Manslaughter Arrests

They get a lot of people for drinking and driving, and vehicular manslaughter-type accidents. So, if you’re arrested by the Lost Hills Sheriff Station find a defense lawyer who knows what they’re doing and has handled cases involving them – especially if there’s any tricky activity going on. I’ve handled a lot of cases involving the Lost Hills Sheriff Station.

I know what their practices are. I know how to handle an investigation of cases. So, the bottom line is, if you have a case there, you’re going to want to get somebody local who knows how to deal with them, knows how to assert your rights.

They illegally stop people all the time — just stopping them for no reason and of course, when you’re DUI, you trying to argue that they stopped you for no reason is not as effective as if you weren’t DUI.

So, if you have a case involving the Lost Hills Sheriff Station, can an attorney who knows what they’re doing. Make a phone call — I’ve handled cases like this for a long time now. What I do is have you come in. We talk about the arrest, what happened, the stop and what you’re charged with and then we get a game plan together so we’re able to combat some of the illegal practices that are going on there.

Criminal Attorney in San Fernando Valley

I remember going there with a friend of mine and being pulled over just for no reason, and once they realized that we hadn’t been drinking at all they just let you go right away. That’s the problem.

If they catch you for doing something, then it’s a huge problem. But, if they don’t catch you, they just let you go and nobody ever puts them in check. So, the key is to have an attorney who knows what these guys do, knows how to deal with them and knows how to get the result that you must have in your San Fernando Valley criminal case if you’re dealing with the Lost Hills Sheriff Station.

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