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Stephen Mullen was arrested for tampering with evidence after he allegedly picked up a discarded bag of money after a bank robbery in Marina Del Rey. According to Capt. Mike Parker, Mullen “Apparently he picked it up and decided to keep it and it blew up on him.” He then left the money and fled without the bag. A woman witnessed the explosion and gave his license plate number to deputies. Police arrested Mullen at his home.

Tampering with evidence is a felony offense and can include tampering with a witness or informant, and knowing, submitting, or using records or documents that you know to be false in a criminal court matter. Tampering with evidence is the knowing and intentional physical manipulation, altering or destruction or falsification of evidence relevant to a criminal case or investigation. The individual must have had reason to believe the material or time was part of an investigation. Possible penalties are jail time, probation, parole, restitution, community service.

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