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A 35-year-old man was charged Monday with killing a bouncer who denied him entry to a Redondo Beach bar last week

Francisco Cobarruvias Jr., 35, is being charged with the murder of Terie Colecchi, 49, a bouncer at a bar who denied Cobarruvias entry to the bar. Cobarruvias beat Colecchi to death on the night on June 2, 2012. Cobarruvias surrendered to the police.

Cobarruvias’ defense attorney asked the judge to postpone the arraignment and review and reconsider the charges. The defense attorney asked the judge to consider manslaughter charges rather than murder charges, claiming that murder is too severe.

Colecchi died at the hospital. The crime was caught on video.

Cobarruvias is being held on $1 million bail.

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