Man Released After 34 Years in a California Prison

Posted by Ronald D. HeddingNov 11, 2013

Thirty-four years of his life were spent behind bars, and now he steps out, looks out into the sun, and says, “This is beautiful,” with tears in his eyes as he sat in the park all Sunday afternoon.

Kash Delano Register, 53, spent 34 years in prison for the alleged murder of a West Los Angeles older man. Kash never admitted to anything and always maintained his innocence.

The Attorneys from Loyola Law School's Project for the Innocent argued on Kash's behalf, stating that a critical witness in the case had lied and the police knew this and other information/evidence that they suppressed.

Kash was 19 years old when he was convicted of murder. He missed out on so much of life, the birth of his daughter and the birth of two grandchildren. He also had to let go of the love of his life at the time, his girlfriend, the mother of his children, saying that it would only make sense for her to move on romantically.

The incident occurred in 1979 when 78-year-old Jack Sasson was shot five times. A neighbor stated that she saw an African American male flea the scene that she later identified him as Kash. The murder weapon was never recovered, and the evidence was not very strong, yet he was still convicted of murder and sentenced to 27 years in prison.

Each time he appeared before the parole board, he refused to admit guilt. The witness' sister had stated in 2011 that she and her sister were not sure if the man they saw was Kash, but unfortunately, the police threatened them and stated that they remain silent about their doubts.

Last month, the witness took the stand and recanted her testimony, stating that she was unsure whether the shooter was Kash.

The judge has overturned the conviction, and prosecutors said they would decide by next month whether to appeal the judge's decision to overturn the murder conviction, retry Register or drop the case. Kash's Criminal Attorneys say he may seek compensation for the wrongful conviction. As a devout Christian, Kash refuses to be angry, extends forgiveness, and wants to move forward in restoring his life.