April 18, 2011 3:30 pm Published by

Newport Beach city police have proposed a new ordinance restricting “loud and unruly gatherings.” The law was modeled after one in Tuscon, it would allow city officials to fine party goers up to $8,000 for repeat violations. Proponents of the law believe it will discourage rowdy gatherings and make the city more “family friendly.”

“We would like to see stricter enforcement and less second chances,” said Councilman Steve Rosansky.

The ordinance would allow officers to cite party organizers, property owners and party goers who get out of hand. If officers observe party goers being drunk in public or excessively noisy, urinating in public, serving alcohol to minors or displaying other behaviors, they will post a large red tag on the door of the house and notify its owner.

“Usually it’s the party goers who are causing the problem,” said Lt. Bill Hartford. Existing city laws only hold the host or property owner accountable, he said.

Penalties would be up to $500 for the first violation, and up to $3,000 for the fourth violation within six months of the first. If a fourth violation happens on July 4 within a designated part of west Newport, it would be $8,000.

“Our goal here is to be a little more proactive,” Rosanky said. “So when Fourth of July rolls around, they will already understand that that behavior is not acceptable.”

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