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Various Incidents involving party buses are encouraging increased efforts made by Los Angeles police to make sure the partying doesn’t get out of hand. According to LAPD Capt. Bea Girmala of the Hollywood Division, the party buses come from the San Fernando Valley, South Los Angeles, South Bay cities and even from far away as Riverside and San Bernardino counties. “They literally come from all over. A lot of drinking takes place on these buses before they make it to the door of the venue,” Girmala said.

Although drunken driving is being avoided, there is still trouble with assaults, public drunkenness, and other unruly behavior. “I use every single one [of the officers] and we’ve seen a decrease in crime in that area overall. But drunk people who don’t want to listen lead to conflicts,” Girmala said. “Liquid courage in these people makes for a difficult situation for police.” According to Girmala, a task force has been formed over the last year to address the growing problems with party buses. Many club operators have been cooperative and turn away partiers who have engaged in excessive drinking or appear underage.

Just this past weekend, 2 separate incidents occurred involving party buses. Four people were shot early Sunday after a fight among patrons on a party bus. Officer Karen Rayner said the suspect remains at large. The shooting occurred around 3a.m., and hours earlier a different incident occurred. Namar Burton,22, was severely injured when he was run over by a party bus, said Sgt. Murrel Pettway of the LAPD’s West Traffic Division. Burton was a passenger on the party bus. At about 11:25 p.m., the bus was driving east on McCadden Place and Burton was trying to catch up so he could reboard. It is unknown how Burton ended up under the bus, police said.

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