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The mayor of San Gabriel was arrested Friday after allegedly taking a woman’s purse and driving away while she was still clinging to the side of his S.U.V. Mayor Albert Y.M. Huang said “On last night’s incident, it was a great misunderstanding between friends. As a result I am confident I will restore my innocence in court.” According to police, they received a call about 1:15 AM on Friday about a heated argument between Huang and a woman. Investigators say Huang was arguing over money with the woman outside a restaurant. Huang allegedly took the woman’s purse, with her keys, cash, and personal belongings in it. The woman tried to keep him from leaving by reaching through the vehicle’s window. Huang then pushed the woman, got out of her car, and got into his own vehicle. The woman then reached through the passenger window of Huang’s SUV and stood on the running board as Huang accelerated. Huang was arrested on suspicion of felony robbery, suspicion of assault (felony), and battery. His bail is set at $100,000.

The sentencing for first degree robbery is 3,6, or 9 years in state prison, for second degree its 2, 3, or 5 years in state prison. If it is a first offense probation may be possible with a county jail sentence. Robbery also counts as a strike, which will affect how much time you actually serve as well as possible future offenses.

A robbery conviction carries very serious consequences. If you have been accused of robbery, it is imperative that you hire an attorney.

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