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According to Lt. Tim Carr, Valentino Rodriguez Jr., had removed his monitoring ankle bracelet with GPS on Monday at an Arco station in south Los Angeles. Rodriguez had been released from custody Oct. 4., and is considered a high risk sex offender.

KTLA news reporter, Eric Spillman, was doing a live segment in East Los Angeles following the story of the convicted sex offender when he spotted Rodriguez and confronted him, Rodriguez said he wanted “to turn myself in, to do the appropriate thing and go ahead and man up about it.” When asked why he cut off the monitoring device, he said “I was paranoid, sir, and basically I got scared and stuff. I got scared and cut it off. That’s basically what I can say right now. The Lord, the God, had told me to do the right thing. I was feeling suicidal at the time when I was off in the streets and stuff and contemplated putting myself [in front] the bus and hanging myself. I know its not the right thing. I don’t want to go to hell.” There were no officers at the scene, but they arrived shortly after and took Rodriguez into custody.

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