Just about all the courts now in San Fernando Valley have special prosecutors who deal with all sex crime cases in that courthouse. The Van Nuys court is no different. They have a sex crime unit that deals with all sex-crime cases.

Arraignment in Van Nuys Courthouse

So, what happens is, the case comes in for an arraignment in usually Division 100 if it’s a felony. If it’s a misdemeanor, it will be dealt with Division 101 of the Van Nuys courthouse.

Once the case comes in there, the DA or the District Attorney or the City Attorney who is sitting in there handling most of the arraignment cases either in 101 or 100 of the Van Nuys courthouse is going to call on one of the sex crime prosecutors.

Usually, the cases, especially the felony cases, are actually filed by specific sex crime prosecutors and either they’re the ones that handle the case or the head sex crime prosecutor in Van Nuys will assign a prosecutor to deal with a case, such as child pornography.

That’s interesting because most of the criminal cases in San Fernando Valley kind of go through a system like a business/corporation almost in the DA’s office, but when it comes to sex crime cases, only one prosecutor is going to deal with the case. They’ll deal with the case from the arraignment all the way through the trial or disposition of the case.

So, that’s what’s unique about sex crime cases in the Van Nuys court is that one prosecutor will deal with it. That could have good or bad implications. The bad implications are if they perceive the client in a bad way, then the client is going to be in a position where that prosecutor will be dealing with it the whole time.

Under that circumstance, if we’re trying to resolve the case and we have a situation where the prosecutor who has the case doesn’t like the client or really views the case as some seriously bad sexual conduct, then we have the choice of either going to the head sex crime prosecutor and her office is across the way from the Van Nuys courthouse in the civil building, or we can go through the particular second-in-command in Van Nuys court for the District Attorney’s office or you could go to the head DA and he can make the final decision on your sex crime case.

So, there’s a whole hierarchy of how sex crime cases are handled in Van Nuys. Your criminal attorney has to obviously know that hierarchy and know how to handle a sex crime case and know the best defense in Van Nuys, otherwise, you’re not going to end up with the best result.

Reviewing Defenses for a Van Nuys Sex Crime

What I have you do from the beginning is we have you come in after all the discovery, paperwork, videos, phone conversations – whatever evidence the prosecutors have in the sex crime case in Van Nuys – and we talk about what the strategy is going to be moving forward.

In other words, what are we going to try to get? Is this case going to go to jury trial? Are we going to try to get a not guilty verdict in front of a jury? Or is this going to be a negotiated plea where we have to work with the DA’s office or one of the judges in the Van Nuys court as it relates to your sex crime case.

Once we decide how the sex crime case will be handled in Van Nuys, then we can put the pieces in place as far as what we’re going to do – the plan being executed – whether you’re going to be getting character letters, information from your job and really what we’re working on doing is putting together a mitigation package in your sex crime case.

This is to get your version of events across to the prosecutor because a lot of times when the police investigate these cases, they’re not taking your side of the story in account.

It’s a one-sided investigation all geared and honed toward what their theory of the case is which is that you committed a horrible sex crime, your guilty and they’re going to try to get all the evidence they can to prove that your guilty, including trying to get a statement from you and trying to get evidence against you.

So, it’s now time for the defense to go to work and get the evidence together that helps you in your Van Nuys sex crime case, so that you can end up with the best result, get out of the criminal justice system as fast as possible.

Experienced Van Nuys Criminal Defense Attorney

This is why you have to let me put my twenty-five years of experience together for you so that you can get out of the criminal justice system as fast as possible, so your case is defended the right way and so that we make the right moves and right decisions at the right time.

Sometimes your case needs to be fought. Sometimes we need to do the preliminary hearing in a felony sex crime case in Van Nuys and we need to make sure that we attack the prosecution’s case and really bring out some of the mitigating points for you and if you have a defense to the case, that’s the best forum to really get it out, when we’re asking questions, cross-examination.

These questions are asked under penalty of perjury. We can bring out some of the evidence that helps you in our sex crime case so that you can end up with the best result. Contact the Hedding Law Firm for help.

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