Avoiding a Theft Crime Conviction 

There are a lot of theft-related crimes that go through the Van Nuys court system. You're seeing department stores and other retail businesses catching people stealing things. That's where I know a lot of theft-related offenses. Even grocery stores like Gelson's and Macy's and other places in the mall are being sent to the Van Nuys courthouse for a theft-related crimes.

These are serious offenses. Nobody wants to get a theft conviction on their record because it hurts their potential future employment record. If you're going to volunteer at your church or your kid's school or some sporting event and do a live scan on you, they'll pick that theft up. They're going to pick the arrest up. They're going to pick the conviction up.

Van Nuys Court Theft-Related Cases

So, you want to get an attorney that can do everything they can for you – either get the case dismissed, get some diversionary program, get a lesser charge like trespassing – it depends on the circumstances of your case. If you have no record and the offense involves a small amount of merchandise, other things can be done besides sending you to court.

There's a program that you can obtain on your behalf to end up with a result where you don't end up with a conviction on your record.

So, suppose you have a case in the Van Nuys criminal court, and you need a defense lawyer that knows what they're doing when it comes to these theft-related offenses. In that case, we'll want to sit down and talk about your case and try to make sure we can end up with the result that protects your record.

Also, potential punishments served for these theft-crime cases could include you being banned from whatever location you allegedly stole from. They can consist of jail time, community service, Caltrans, and being placed on probation for an extended period.

Developing a Defense Strategy for Best Possible Outcome

So, when it comes to these criminal cases, you're going to want to make sure that you have a strategy together. What I do is get you in from the beginning. We sit down and talk about your case. We talk about what it will take to get you the best possible result. We talk about whether their evidence is enough to convict you of a theft-related offense.

We talk about whether or not there's some diversionary program that allows you to avoid a conviction for a theft offense, is available to you based on the facts and the circumstances of your case, based on your criminal record, and based on a whole host of factors that the prosecutors utilize when deciding how to handle these theft-related offenses.

So obviously, what it's going to take for you to get the best result, is the best strategy, and that requires someone local to the courthouse. I've handled thousands of theft-related offenses over the last twenty-five years, so I know the judge's tendencies. I know what the prosecutor's tendencies are and how they deal with these cases, and I know if you have a defensible case – how to fight the case at a jury trial.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

So, if you have a theft-related offense, you must get with an attorney who knows how to deal with these cases in the particular court where your case is pending – who knows what factors will make a difference to the prosecutors. One who knows what it takes to convince them to give you a fair resolution, whether through character letters or talking to them about the offense and what happened, and giving them your version of events because sometimes the police report these theft cases only tells half the story.

It doesn't tell the whole story. So, what we do is put together a mitigation package as it relates to the theft offenses in the Van Nuys court so that you end up with the result that you can live with and that makes sense for you, your family, your career, and all the things that you hold dear to you in your life.

Don't let this theft-related offense in the Van Nuys court ruin your life. Make the right moves now to do damage control and end up with the best result and get out of the criminal justice system as fast as possible. Contact the Hedding Law Firm for help.

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