Bail in Los Angeles County is Zero

There are a lot of arrests in Van Nuys.  It's a huge city within the County of Los Angeles, and you're going to go to the Van Nuys courthouse which is on Delano Street in the heart of Van Nuys. Your first move is:

  • not to talk to the police;
  • don't make any statements;
  • don't do or say anything that could incriminate you.

If you've got a loved one arrested, I would say call an attorney — you would call me.  I've been doing this for 27 years.  I can guide you through the process. If you call a bail bondsman first, they're likely to take your money.  Sometimes they take people's money, and then the people can't hire an attorney, which doesn't do them any good.

In today's society, all bail in LA county is zero, so you shouldn't have to be paying them any money. The bail could be possible if it's a grave crime like murder, attempted murder, a sex crime, or a severe or violent felony.

But beyond that, you've got a good chance of your loved one getting out on their own recognizance, where you don't have to pay any money.  You don't have to post any bail.

Reviewing the Details of Your Criminal Case

What Should I Do if Arrested in Van Nuys, CA?
Van Nuys Superior Courthouse

But the best person to make that happen is your attorney.  So, step number one is to contact an attorney.  You can pick up the phone and ask for a meeting with me, Ron Hedding.

I typically meet with people for free because once you talk to me, you'll realize that I've been doing thousands of cases in the Van Nuys courthouse. I know how to handle these cases.  I know what it takes to get a successful outcome.

Successful outcomes in criminal cases are different, depending on the situation that the person finds themselves in.  First, you have to look at:

  • what type of a case you're charged with,
  • how serious it was,
  • how you might have impacted a victim,
  • what your criminal record is, and
  • are you on probation?

There's a whole host of things to consider in determining what's going to happen to you related to your criminal case. But if you've been arrested, you must get to an attorney right away.  I have you come in.  We sit down.  Everything that is talked about in my office is confidential.

If it's a loved one in trouble, you can come in on their behalf. Give me all the information you know, and once you retain me on the case, I will begin to gather information from the court, from the prosecutors. I will go and see your loved one.  Once I have all of the necessary information related to their case, we'll sit down and go over everything and put together a good strategy.

Developing a Defense Plan for Best Possible Outcome

When you first meet with me, we will start right away in designing a plan that works for you and your situation:

Developing a Defense Plan for Best Possible Outcome
  • to try to keep you out of custody,
  • to take into account your job,
  • your family,
  • your reputation,
  • your criminal record.

All of these things are very important to you.  So, getting an attorney right from the beginning makes you start to take control of your situation. Because that's what happens when you get arrested,  you lose control, especially in Van Nuys.  It's a vast jail facility.

Many people that have gone in there that I've talked to have not said good things about it — it's dirty, and you want to get out of there as quick as possible, and obviously, you never want to go back again.

So, designing and developing a strategy for you is step number one.  Because once you do that, now you have a road forward and know what it will take to be successful. You know what you have to do.  You know what your attorney is going to be doing on your behalf.

Guiding You Through the Case Process

So, pick up the phone now.  Ask for a meeting with Ron Hedding. I can guide you through the decision on:

Van Nuys Criminal Defense Lawyer
  • how you're going to handle bail,
  • when your loved one is going to get out of custody,
  • whether you might get taken into custody at the arraignment,
  • whether we need to have a bail bondsman there;
  • what type of charges you're likely to be facing based on the arrest.

Remember, the police can't charge anybody with anything.  They can arrest you, and sometimes they arrest people in Van Nuys, and the prosecutors file different charges. Sometimes better for the criminal defendant, and sometimes worse for the criminal defendant.

If it's worse for the criminal defendant, sometimes the prosecutors will argue that you should be taken into custody and post a high bail. This is because of the more severe charges you've been charged with versus what you were initially arrested for.

Often, people with criminal records put themselves in a position where the prosecutors are filing more serious charges, and their bail is being increased. Because the police didn't know about those other charges, or the police didn't know that they were on probation, or whatever the case may be.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Van Nuys, CA

So, if you've been arrested in Van Nuys, California, you've come to the right place. I've handled thousands of cases in that courthouse over the past 27 years. I know what it takes to be successful.  Take the first step now to get control of your life back. Pick up the phone.  Make the call.  Ask to speak to Ron Hedding.

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