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I would say probably one of the first and most important things to do if you’re charged with a domestic violence case is not to put yourself in a position where you’re having any more problems with the alleged victim in the case.

This is a common problem that pops up and what will end up happening is number one, they’ll be a full protective order against you so you can’t get within a hundred yards of the alleged victim and they’re never going to take it off if you continue to have issues with that particular person.

Prosecutor’s Will Contact Alleged Victim

Then number two, they’re going to up the stakes and want to put you in jail if you can’t control yourself in relation to this other person and finally and the most important thing is, you need to realize that the prosecutors are going to contact this other person before dealing with your case.Los Angeles Domestic Violence Case

Whether it be to try and do a plea bargain and resolve it or whether to try to prosecute you and do a trial and get you convicted, punished and sentenced by a criminal judge.

The prosecutors in domestic violence cases get input from the alleged victim so don’t have any more problems with them.  You want whatever input they’re getting to at least be that you’re not bothering them anymore and hopefully to be maybe they embellished their story if that’s what happened and try to lessen the potential consequences to you in your domestic violence-related offense.

The bottom line is, domestic violence cases are very politically-charged and the prosecutors are looking to do what they think is right to help the alleged victim from not having anymore problems related to you.

So, step number on is don’t have any more issues with the other party.  Step number two is, in conjunction with that, get to an attorney who knows the courthouse where your case is pending, who has handled domestic violence cases and knows what it’s going to take to get the most effective result for you and make the moves that are going to be necessary to get a positive outcome moving forward.

Contact a Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Just like any problem in life, in order to tackle it the right way you have to take it step by step, piece by piece and chunk by chunk.  So, the first step is to pick up the phone, make the call.  I get you in.

We sit down and talk about everything and now you’re going to start to feel better because you’re going to be starting to take control or command of your criminal case which is crucial when it comes to these cases and is imperative if you’re going to end up with a successful result.

So, once you get a domestic violence attorney, now the next move is going to be is to follow the game plan with your attorney, trust your attorney, follow their advice, take the necessary steps to get yourself out of the criminal justice system as quick as possible.

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