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Authorities are on a manhunt for Shareef Allman, a trucker at a Cupertino quarry, who allegedly showed up at a safety meeting at the plant early Wednesday morning armed with an assault rifle and handgun and opened fire. Two were killed at the scene and six others were wounded.

He later attempted to steal a woman’s car, then shot her.

Police have recovered a shotgun, handgun, and two assault weapons. Allman is still believed to be “armed and dangerous”.

“The challenges are the big geographical area, the challenges are we know he is armed,” said Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith, who confirmed that deputies have been in touch with Allman’s family.

When asked what her message was to the fugitive, she said: “Please surrender. There are a lot of officers out there looking for you. We need you, we need you now and we need to make sure that the public is safe.”

According to Smith, the suspect’s car was found at a gas station and a surveillance camera had gotten pictures of the armed fugitive. Residents are being cautioned to be careful and to call 911 if they notice any suspicious activity.

Mitchell Julien, 50, said he knew Allman and described him as “a highly spiritual guy” and “not a monster.” He said Allman was “concerned with issues in the black community.” “He was trying to uplift us as a people…I’m totally blown away. He was always uplifting. If you meet him, you’d love him. He was not violent. He was a lovable kind of guy….Something really bad had to have happened up there for him to do this.”

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