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If it was not for Ron, I don't know where me and family would be today. He was able to get my drug offense completely dismissed because the police violated my rights. They pulled me over, arrested me and searched my car for no reason. Ron came in like a surgeon and took the prosecutor's case apart. In the end, the matter was dismissed and I have my freedom and record protected. Thank you!”

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First, it is going to take you finding a local criminal defense attorney that appears on a frequent basis in the courthouse your case is pending. That is simply common sense. If you do something all the time, know the people, the system and are well are going to be able to get the job done for your client. The criminal defense community is a very small community and everyone that is on the "inside" knows all the key players and how to get the result that you are looking for!

I can not tell you how many times I have been sitting in court and see an attorney from the city approaching the prosecutors in either Van Nuys or San Fernando Court and run smack into a buzz saw! First, many criminal defense law firms now a days are using inexperienced attorneys to do the dirty work of actually going to court and fighting it out for the client. These youngsters are going to be eaten alive by an experienced prosecutor. Next, if their firm is in the city, then they are probably more known in the Airport Court or the downtown Los Angeles Courthouses and therefore they do not know the temperment of the prosecutors and judges in the Valley. They do not know who to talk to and what to say to end up with a successful result.

On the other hand, if the client is looking to fight their case in a jury trial, then the attorneys locality to the courthouse is not as important. However, they still must know the tendencies of the jury pool, the prosecutors and the judges, if they want give their client the best possible result. Like anything in life, it is not always what you know, it is who you know. And, in criminal defense, your attorney better know the landcape of the courthouse your case is pending or you will suffer the consequences of their short comings.

I personally have been to countless bar dinners, made literally thousands of court appearances and tried hundreds of jury trials over the past 20 plus years of practicing criminal defense and there is no question that if one of my loved ones was in trouble I would choose a local attorney over an outsider any day of the week. It just makes sense to go with someone that has been down the road you are about to travel and had success!

What Will It Take To Win Your Case?

This is a question that has to be on most people's minds when they begin the difficult task of figuring out what to do after they have been arrested. Some may say that you should not be thinking about winning your case, but instead surviving it! However, if you define "win" in a realistic wau as it relates to what you did or did not do to get arrested, then I think you have a chance to get a win.

The vast majority of criminal cases that are filed in Los Angeles County are resolved by way of a negotiated resolution between the criminal defense attorney and the prosecutor. What this means is that you should be looking for an attorney that is actually telling you the truth about what is going on in the criminal defense world. That is not to say that cases are not being fought and won in front of a juries. It is saying that it is not right for sales people or attorneys to be telling potential clients, when they call to inquire about their services, that they can get their case dismissed or be advertising that! This is irresponsible and does not make sense based on the statistics and the fact that the person making such bold predictions has not seen any of the facts of the case from the police / prosecutors standpoint. So the key is to define what a win truly means based on your circumstances. Should your case be fought all the way because you are innocent? Or, should your case be negotiated to a fair resolution because you did something wrong, but do not deserve to have the book thrown at you?

In order to help define what a win is to you, first sit down with a seasoned criminal defense attorney and tell them your story in the most fair and honest manner you can. This way they will get a feel for what they can do to help you. You almost have to tell the story from the prosecutor's standpoint, in order for the defense attorney to get a read on what they will be up against. Once they have what the other side will say, then they will begin to ask what your position is and start to delve into possible solutions that will resolve the matter. However, if you put a twist or spin on what happened, you are only hurting yourself in the long run. Eventually your champion will be faced with the most difficult parts or your case, and if he or she was not told the truth from the beginning then there is no way they will be in a position to help you.

Bail vs. Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have limited funds, which is more important? This is a common issue that I see come up time and time again in the practice of criminal defense. I continuously see people in a desparate state making the wrong decisions and suffering greatly for it! Bailing someone out typically does nothing to help them resolve the underlying case. No matter how you slice it, dealing with the case in court is going to be the most important thing that can be done for the person in trouble. Having a seasoned attorney on your side can and will make the difference between a successful outcome and disaster. I can't tell how many times I have seen people bailed out, only to end up back in custody again at the end of the case. If you are in doubt about what you should do, then go sit down with an attorney, give them all the facts and let them walk you through the potential solutions.

If you have the luxury of bailing out and defending your case at the same time, then by all means do so. It is nice to have my client out and be able to meet with them in my office and also have them available to assist with their case on the outside. But the key thing in criminal defense is figuring out what the issues are in the case and how to best handle them for the benefit of the client. Once those issues are hashed out, then the seasoned attorney will devise a tailored plan for the successful resolution of their client's case. This plan will be discussed with the client and his family, refined and then executed! For over 20 years I have enjoyed helping my clients' make the right decisions, get out of the criminal justice system and go on to lead productive happy lives.


All too often now I am seeing former prosecutors trying to use the fact that they were recently a prosecutor to somehow declare they can successfully represent a criminal defendant. To me, the fact they were prosecutors is the exact reason I would not hire them. Prosecuting a case is easy! Defending one, is a whole different ball of wax. The prosecutors have unlimited funds, police officers with guns and badges, and typically a judge sitting on the case that is a former prosecutor. Who cares if they recently worked for the other side. I have been defending criminal cases for the past twenty two years and I can not think of a worse person to represent you than someone who has put people behind bars who were in the same shoes you stand in now.

Further, many of these former prosecutors are not liked or respected by their former collegues and that is why they had to leave the prosecutor's office. The biggest problem that I see is that these former prosecutors have never had to try a case as the "under dog" and they do not have the skill set to really defend a person when everything is on the line. It takes a savvy, seasoned professional to know what to do, who to talk to and when to tell a prosecutor to go pound sand and fight for their client's rights, freedom and reputation. I would pick a tried and true criminal defense attorney over a former prosecutor every time!

Los Angeles Times Recognizes Ronald Hedding as Top Southern California Criminal defense attorney!

Credentials That Make Us Your Best Choice To Protect Your Reputation, Record and Freedom

*Thousands of successful cases in the Valley courts - we appear in Van Nuys, San Fernando and all of the courthouses in the San Fernando Valley on a daily basis. Experience and relationships built over years of practice make the difference!

*Our credentials are unmatched - in Van Nuys and San Fernando Courthouses the Hedding Law Firm name is well respected and we have years of experience and hard work ready to be focused on your case.

*Rated the top in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles - Rated (top rating possible) by Martindale Hubbell for ethics and legal ability to win cases for our clients.

*A+ Rating Better Business Bureau - In Van Nuys and San Fernando Courthouses our clients resoundingly vouch for our ability to achieve results other attorneys in the San Fernando Valley simply can not attain.

*Recognized by Southern California Super Lawyers - in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles it is undisputed that the Hedding Law Firm gets incredible results and is well respected as a top Los Angeles Criminal Defense Firm.

*Top Superb rating by AVVO - one of the few law firms with the lead attorney Ronald D. Hedding achieving a "10" The top rating a lawyer can achieve!

*Won a Presidential Pardon for one of our clients - we are one of the few firms in the Nation ever to receive a Presidential Pardon from a sitting United States President...when you need the best, we are here for you!

*Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year in Los Angeles and the Valley - our lead attorney Ronald Hedding was chose by Consumer Business review as the Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year for the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles.

*Recognized as one of the top law firms by the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers

-Only the most distinguished law firms in the Nation are honored in this way and The Hedding Law Firm is well known for its excellent in the local courts of Van Nuys and San Fernando!

A note from the lead Attorney:

***"Other less experienced lawyers can copy everything on our website, but they can not match our experience, our know how, our local connections, and our tenacity and down right ability to obtain the best results for our clients. Before you hire any other law firm to represent you, please come and sit with me for a face to face, honest assessment of your case by a proven winner!"

Dear Potential Client,

We have dedicated ourselves to assembling the most well-rounded criminal defense law firm the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles Courthouses has to offer. We appear in the main San Fernando Valley courthouses and Los Angeles Courthouses on a daily basis. Our attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience and the Hedding Law Firm was recently named by Martindale Hubbell to the Bar Register of Preeminent Attorneys (this honor has been bestowed on less that 5% of law firms in the country). We are local attorneys that have the reputation and legal know how to get you or your loved one through the worst of legal troubles. There is no substitute for experience, combined with knowing how to maneuver through a sometimes unforgiving system.

I encourage you to set up a free face to face absolutely confidential consultation and be educated and put at ease by an advocate who has handled thousands of cases just like yours. We will help you find the solution to your particular problem, whether that means negotiating a disposition on your behalf or battling the case out in a trial. The key is that we will guide you to make the right decision, after evaluating all your options.

The Hedding Law Firm is a criminal defense law office located in Encino, California (close to where the 405 and 101 freeways meet). At the Hedding Law Firm, we provide dependable legal representation for clients throughout the San Fernando Valley, Sylmar, Van Nuys, Los Angeles County Superior Courts and surrounding areas. Our Law Firm is comprised of experienced, reputable criminal defense attorneys who are dedicated to our clients and their individual cases. At the Hedding Law Firm, our legal team strives to present each of our clients with reliable and affordable legal counsel.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in the San Fernando Valley or any courts within Los Angeles County, you need to consult with a skilled criminal defense lawyer. The attorneys at the Hedding Law Firm have successfully represented countless clients who were facing convictions for misdemeanor and felony offenses. We are aggressive advocates of our clients rights and best interests.

What Does It Take To Successfully Negotiate a Criminal Case?

This of course is a loaded question. Having negotiated literally thousands of criminal case in the Los Angeles courts over the past 25 years, I can tell you that it takes experience, savvy, connections, luck, sometimes the right judge, other times the right prosecutor...but it always takes a defense attorney that knows his client's story and has the know how to spell it out in the best manner to the powers that be. This is typically the prosecutor and sometime the judge. If necessary, the attorney must go up the chain of command in the prosecutor's office to make sure that his or her client is treated fairly.

In my opinion, the negotiation process in a criminal case should not be a mystery for the potential client, or even a client that has already hired an attorney. It amazes me when I take over a case for another attorney, that a client is not satisfied with, and the client can give me absolutely no information about what is going on with the case. They can not tell me what the current offer is, what motions the attorney has filed on their behalf, or even what the discussions are between the attorney and the prosecutor. They should at lease know what the prosecutor's position is in relation to the crime that is charged and what the prosecutor feels the punishment should be and why. This will give the client an opportunity to prepare for what will happen mentally and otheriwise. And, the client may be able to come up with some mitigating information that will help the defense attorney counter some of the arguments the prosecutor is making against them.

Moreover, it is my view that a criminal defense attorneys most important skill is to be able to successfully negotiate. When you sit down with your attorney, you want someone that is straight forward and comes off in a respectable manner. It is not uncommon in my line of work for me to see an attorney, prosecutor or judge's attitudes and personally dictate what happens to the client. This does not always mean the client achieves the most favorable result. Therefore, the most crucial trait the attorney must possess is "likability". As simple as this sounds, it is crucial to a successful outcome. Even if the case goes to trial, a jury will be looking at how the attorney presents the client's story and you better believe that if the attorney comes off well, it will make a difference.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

The Hedding Law Firm has handles cases involving drug crimes, juvenile crimes, white collar crimes, domestic violence. We also handle hit and runs, probation violations, sex crimes, theft crimes, and all violent crimes, including murder, assault and battery, kidnapping , and obstruction of justice.

Our Attorney also handles federal cases nationwide. We have partook in several jury trials and have a special talent when it comes to cross examination, preliminary hearings, and sentencing hearings.

If you have a conviction on your record, we take care of the expungement process to get your record cleared.

Our talented team of criminal defense attorneys has also represented clients who have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI). When it comes to successfully defending them selves against criminal charges, we know the absolute best thing people can do is to obtain the services of a talented criminal defense lawyer. A criminal defense attorney can review your case, provide you with valuable advice, and protect your reputation. If you or a loved one has been arrested for a crime, contact a San Fernando Valley Criminal Attorney at the Hedding Law Firm.

Arrested for DUI? Our firm has significant experience handling DUI cases throughout the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles. Our attorneys have consistently delivered outstanding results for their clients and have working relationships with judges and prosecutors to obtain the best possible result for your case. Contact one of our Los Angeles DUI lawyers for more information about how we can help.

Once people are charged with a crime, they need guidance, advice, and support from a qualified criminal defense attorney. A lawyer has the legal expertise and training it takes to successfully fight criminal charges. Check out frequently asked questions.

The Firm has been helping clients throughout the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas contest their criminal charges for years. As practiced criminal defense lawyers, we understand that our clients need an aggressive advocate on their side. At the Hedding Law Group, we place every effort into asserting our clients rights and obtaining a winning outcome on their behalf. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in the San Fernando Valley, Sylmar, Van Nuys, or Los Angeles County, call the Hedding Law Firm at (818) 986-2092.

The San Fernando Valley Criminal Defense Attorneys at the Hedding Law Firm are proud to represent clients throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Our California law firm services people in San Fernando, Glendale, Burbank,, Calabasas, Sylmar, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, Mission Hills, Sherman Oaks, Granada Hills, Reseda, Canoga Park, West Hills, Winnetka, Pacoima, Chatsworth, Panorama City, North Hollywood, Encino, Tarzana, Porter Ranch, Northridge, Lake Balboa, Arleta, Tujunga, Toluca Lake, Valley Glen, Valley Village.

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