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This is the question you should be contemplating if you have a criminal case pending in the San Fernando Courthouse. There are a number of considerations you should consider when it comes to hiring the best attorney.

The primary one has to be whether the subject attorney is a well respected “local” inside guy. If your attorney appears in the court where your case is pending on a regular basis, then they will be in the best position to know the tendencies of the judge and prosecutor and how to best advise you in relation to the resolution of your case.

In criminal defense, knowing the political landscape of a courthouse and who to deal with and who not to deal with is huge. The other essential piece of the equation is having an attorney that has both the ability to negotiate and fight a case if necessary.

If the prosecutors know that your attorney is a tough advocate for their clients and will file all the necessary motions, conduct a vigorous investigation an can tear the right case apart piece by piece, they will think twice before dealing with you in an unreasonable manner.

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We are a local criminal defense law firm that appears in the San Fernando Courthouse on a daily basis. Because we consistently handle matters in the San Fernando Court we are well known by the prosecutors, judges and court staff. I personally have been litigating cases in the San Fernando Court System since 1994. The connections and experience we have developed over many years of representing persons charged with crimes is invaluable in helping clients who need help.

I encourage you to contact our firm and set up a free confidential face to face consultation and speak with one of our attorneys who has actually been in the court where your case is pending and give you some insight on how the San Fernando Court system works.

Once we are familiar with your case and specific set or circumstances we can design a plan that will resolve your matter in the best possible manner.

Our experience is unrivaled – see our credentials on the home page of this website. The key to our success in the San Fernando Court is that we know, through years of experience, how things work and what to do in a particular case. The Hedding Law Firm is a family business with a team of attorneys prepared to represent your interests and zealously fight for your rights, reputation and freedom.

Being charged with a crime, especially if you are unaware of your individual rights and legal options, can be devastating. People who have been charged with serious theft crimes, sex crimes, drug crimes, and violent crimes face life changing legal consequences if they are convicted.

With the legal penalties being so severe, people owe it to them selves to consult with a reputable San Fernando criminal defense attorney when they have been charged with a crime. A criminal defense lawyer can review the persons case, protect his/her rights, and provide valuable insight throughout the legal process.


When you evaluate a courthouse in a criminal defense setting, you have to look at the temperament of both the judges in the courthouse and the District Attorney’s Office. This attitude towards crime can make or break your clients as a criminal defense attorney.

There has been some very harsh judges in San Fernando court over the years and there has also been some tough head prosecutors (If the Head DA is tough in a courthouse, then you can bet your bottom dollars that the Deputy District Attorneys will be tough as well).

These type of regimes control how justice is dispensed in the criminal court and can make the difference in how a person is treated and what happens to them as far as jail time and their criminal record.

In my experience of making over 300 court appears last year alone, the San Fernando Courthouse today has a very even temperament across the board. The judges are fair but firm and of course each has their own particular way of dispensing justice (in other words, they have certain crimes and actions by a defendant that they do not like and will punish accordingly).

The District Attorney’s Office is also fair, in my opinion, and will listen to what the defense has to say when it comes to resolving a case. However, make no mistake, if you are charged with a serious crime and your conduct was viewed as egregious, you had better find an attorney quick that knows how to manuever their way around this courthouse.

There are many effective strategies that can be employed by a seasoned savvy attorney who knows their way around the San Fernando Courthouse and can get you the result you must have.


Sometimes it helps to know what you are facing when you are charged with a felony crime in the San Fernando Court system. This section is meant to give you a feel for what you are up against so you are not caught by surprise when you enter the court system.

If does not cover every situation, but is a good starting point in your mission to rid yourself from the criminal system. I suggest that you also supplement your education on the criminal legal system by meeting with a criminal defense attorney that has had success in the court your case is pending.

Once a person is arrested, they either post bail (in which case they are given a future court date approximately 30 days ahead) or they stay in custody and appear in court within a couple of days (this could be longer of the weekend or a holiday is involved).

The first appearance in a criminal case is called the arraignment. In San Fernando you will appear in Department “S” on the first floor and your bail will be set by the judge (sometimes it will be what your already posted, while other times the judge can either raise it or lower it depending on what the prosecutors file against you). Your attorney will be given the complaint with the charges against you and the police reports that support those charges.

Once the case is called by the judge the new court date is set an a probation report is usually ordered by your attorney in order to assist in the negotiation / resolution process. In San Fernando there are a number of different strategy options depending on the charges and where you case is matrixed to (this simply means the trial court it will ultimately end up if it is not resolved).

If the case is not resolved by way of a plea bargain, then it will be set for preliminary hearing. This proceeding involves the prosecutors calling witnesses (like a mini-trial) and your attorney being given the opportunity to cross-examine each witness. In the end, the judge will decide whether there is enough evidence to bind you over into the trial court.

If the prosecutors can bring forth sufficient evidence for each and every charge against you (they must show there is a reasonable suspicion that you committed each charge) then the prosecutors will have the right to have a trial as to each count.

Anywhere along the way a disposition can be agreed to by both sides. If the case is not dismissed and not resolution is agreed upon, then the case will go to trial and a jury or judge will decided if the person is innocent or guilty of each and every charge.

Along the way towards trial, your attorney has the ability to investigate any allegations against you, obtain any special reports by experts if appropriate and file any motions relevant to your case. Each criminal case spins on its own facts and your attorney is the one that must make the appropriate decisions on how your case should be litigate.


Over the past 25 years I have had some unbelievable courtroom battles in the San Fernando Courthouse. It is my favorite courthouse because of all of the powerful successful memories and results I have achieved over the years.

Getting results in any courthouse takes investigation, hard work and strategy. There is no way to take the easy road to success. In order to win case in the San Fernando Courthouse it takes experience and the ability to present your client’s story in the best light possible.

Some cases should be tried in front of a jury, while other cases should be negotiated for the best deal possible. It takes years of dealing with criminal defense cases from a point of view of defending a client. This is why I am not very impressed when a former prosecutor tries to claim they are a good choice as an attorney. I will take a seasoned criminal defense attorney over someone who has been putting people away for years.


Some years ago I had client that was charged with kidnapping and was basically facing life in prison. It was our position that the main witness against my client was a drug deal who had double crossed my client during a drug deal and then used the police against him when my client asked for his money back and claimed he had been kidnapped when things did not go his way.

Unfortunately the prosecutors had the evidence against my client so he had to take a ten year deal. They forced my client to stay in the trial of his co-defendant and had agreed that right before the jury decided on the case my client could plead to the ten years.

I had been trying to prove that the alleged victim was a drug dealer for many months prior to trial. However the alleged victim refused to give my investigator a statement and lied to the police about his involvement with my client and claimed he was an innocent victim.

Once I got to cross-examine him at trial, I was able to get him to admit that he had admitted to the prosecutor that he was a drug dealer and the reason my client was angry with him was because he had cheated him in the drug deal. This was the information I had been trying to get for almost a year! I approached the judge and told her that the prosecutor had violated his duty to turn over that statement before the trial.

At that point, the jury was dismissed, a mistrial was declared and the judged ordered the head prosecutor to her chambers. When it was all said and done my client was give probation and released!


In 1997 I had a client charged with embezzlement from a major college campus. The story was in the press and San Fernando courthouse has jurisdiction for the case. After a hard fought two day preliminary hearing the case was ultimately dismissed by way of a 995 motion in the trial court.

This case was an example of sloppy investigation being exposed under a blistering cross-examination. The police had not taken the time to go through all of the allegation and to check out their key witnesses involvement in the case. Some of the witnesses had done some things that were worse than what the client had been charged with.

This is an example of putting a citizen through the scrutiny of the press and the stress of being charged with a major felony and facing multiple years in prison and having no true evidence in hand. As always, the crucial piece for the defendant is having an attorney that knows the court system and can take the police and prosecutors to task when the time is right!


Approximately ten years ago there was a horrible crash in the San Fernando Valley that led to a death and a murder charge against my client. There was a chase on city streets where speeds reached more than 100 miles an hour which culminated in a red light being ran and a very sad result.

The jury came back not guilty after approximately a week long trial in the San Fernando courthouse. The key argument that I made with was the difference between murder and vehicular manslaughter (and saved my client a life sentence) was that she did not know the full gravity of the actions that she set in motion.

In order to imply malice for purposes of a murder charge in a scenario like this, the prosecutors must prove that this particular defendant knew and weighed the consequences of such dangerous activities.

Even though the result was horrible, the prosecution was unable to present the facts to prove this young woman truly appreciated the risks of her actions.


This particular client actually submitted a review on AVVO related to his unbelievable result. He was a person with an extensive criminal record and the prosecutors where fed up of him and wanted him to do many years in prison. I convinced the judge to take a chance on him and she gave him a probationary deal and a drug program. She did warn him that if he ever came in front of her again, she would max him out.

Not too long ago we appeared in court for a progress report and the judge praised my client for his great work of staying on the right path. This is not an easy result all the way around. I

t is extremely difficult for someone hooked on drugs with a criminal record to turn things around so drastically. In my opinion, this is an example of a person that finally said enough is enough and believed that they could turn the corner and a judge giving them a chance to change and be a better person.


This case involved my client having some serious mental issues leading to him hallucinating and firing a weapon at his neighbor’s home and striking someone in the leg with a bullet. Normally, if convicted, he would be looking at life in prison. However, we were able to get expert doctor reports that established he did not have the mental capacity form the specific intent to kill for purposes of attempted murder.

This saved the client a sure life sentence and gave him the chance to deal with his mental condition and if he can over come it, he will one day be released from a mental hospital. It is not uncommon for police and prosecutor to proceed on a harsh course of action against a person without doing the necessary investigation to make sure that the charges are appropriate under the circumstances of a particular case.

Believe it or not, some prosecutors secretly have the belief that there should be no defense attorneys and them and the judge should decide what happens to people charged with crimes. This emphasizes the need for you to have a seasoned criminal defense attorney that will fight for you in San Fernando or any court in Los Angeles County.


My client mixed multiple drugs and went to sleep. In the middle of the night he woke up hallucinating and believing someone had broken into his home and was going to kill him. He retrieved his shotgun and fired multiple rounds at the phantom assailant.

His neighbors called 911 and when the police arrived they arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon because he shared a number of common walls with neighbors that lived near him in his condo complex.

The case was eventually set to go to trial in the San Fernando Superior court because the prosecutors where trying to send him to prison for his conduct. Once the judge realized that the defense had a strong mental defense, he offered to resolve the case and gave the defendant a drug treatment program, no jail time and placed him on probation. In my opinion, it was the preparation and clear path to a victory that swayed the judge to resolve the matter in a favorable manner for my client.


In a high profile case, my client was charged with stealing thousands of dollars from a local mortuary and was facing multiple years in prison and her record being absolutely destroyed. We were able to ultimately get her case reduced to a misdemeanor and dismissed. The client had a family and a bright future that was saved because we knew how to put together a mitigation package and convince the judge and prosecutor to give her the break of a lifetime.


My client was a California State University student and basketball player who was charged in a theft case along with other students and basketball players. He had no record and I was able to convince the Head District Attorney in the San Fernando Courthouse to give him a break. She set it up so that the case could ultimately be dismissed and left my client with a clean record.

Even though things started off looking bleak and the case was highly publicized, through hard work, strategy and knowing who to talk to at the right time, the client ended up with an unbelievable result that eventually permitted him to complete college and move onto a successful life!


I recently had a case dismissed in the San Fernando Courthouse after filing a motion to dismissed based on an illegal stop of my client’s vehicle. Apparently the police in the San Fernando area had decided that they were going to start pulling over cars that had paper dealer plates under the theory that car thieves where stealing cars, taking the license plates off and placing paper plates on them to avoid police detection.

Once the judge realized what they where doing he also realized that this gave the green light to the police to pull over anyone who had purchased a new car. This type of behavior violates the United States Constitution and can not be tolerated.

The searched was ruled illegal, all of the evidence was thrown out and the case was dismissed. Even though the client was guilty of DUI, the way the police found out was by violating his constitutional rights.

San Fernando and Criminal Defense Resources:


The San Fernando Courthouse has been around for many years and has undergone numerous renovations and additions to the court’s infrastructure. Most notably in 1994 the Northridge earthquake significantly damaged the courthouse and caused it to be closed for many months. At that time, many of the buildings surrounding the courthouse where used in order to continue the business of the courthouse.

I remember practicing criminal defense at that time, as the court personnel where moved around in order to accommodate the areas many criminal cases. Today, I continue to appear in the San Fernando Courthouse on a weekly and even daily basis and can tell you that the courthouse is still very busy and handles hundreds of cases per month. It is staffed by both the District Attorney’s Office who prosecutes felonies and the City Attorney’s Office who prosecutes misdemeanors.