Animal Cruelty Law - Penal Code 597 PC

I've defended animal cruelty cases under California Penal Code 597 now for over 27 years, and what I'm going to tell you today is crucial.  They take these cases very seriously. They assign a special prosecutor, and animal cruelty cases are treated with the utmost importance by the District Attorney's office and the City Attorney's office.

If you or a loved one is charged with animal cruelty in Los Angeles, Van Nuys, or San Fernando courthouse, you're listening to someone who has handled these cases for many years — I know what it takes to mitigate these cases, and I know what it takes to win these cases. Sometimes the prosecutors and police have done their job, and they've got the evidence.  Other times, they haven't.

So, the first thing we need to do is sit down and talk about what evidence they might have against you if you're charged with animal cruelty in the San Fernando Valley. My office has been here for 30 years.  My father has had a presence here since the 1970s.

Animal Cruelty Cases in California

We are well respected and well known for defending individuals charged with criminal cases in Los Angeles County, specifically animal cruelty. What the prosecutors are looking at is:

  • how strong their case is against you,
  • what you have alleged done related to an animal cruelty charge,
  • your criminal record, and
  • the type of person you are.

And that's why, if you are charged with animal cruelty in the San Fernando Valley, and there is evidence against you, and they can prove the case against you, we've got to start to mitigate things right from the beginning.

We sit down and talk about everything.  We break everything down because the police have not investigated the case properly a lot of times.  They haven't got all the mitigating evidence related to you, your situation, career, family, and future.

I am here to turn the tide.  Pick up the phone.  Ask for a meeting with Ron Hedding if you're charged with animal cruelty-related offenses in the San Fernando Valley. We will sit down in the privacy of my office.  We will go over everything in detail and get together a plan that considers who you are and what you're all about.

Criminal Defense for California Animal Cruelty Cases

If you've got a defense to the case and something happened that was not intentional; we will make sure that you are defended the right way.  Realize, these cases are very politically charged.

Criminal Defense for California Animal Cruelty Cases

Prosecutors and police are not doing a fair and impartial investigation.  That's why it's crucial if you're charged with animal cruelty in either Van Nuys or San Fernando courthouse that you get an attorney who:

  • knows the courthouse,
  • knows the powers that be. and
  • knows what it takes to protect you,
  • your rights,
  • your freedom,
  • your career and your future.

Pick up the phone now.  Ask to speak with Ron Hedding.  Set up a meeting with me, and we will begin to design a plan to take control of your life back and get you back to where you were, protect you, protect your family and protect your future.

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